Monday, March 28, 2005

Dokdo Forever--2005

Vnok200503211633541_1These are supposedly 30+ foreigners "selected" as volunteers for a "Tokto belongs to Korea" protest. They are students of Korean in some university (Hanyang? Can't recall, lost the link and the will to find it again).

I don't know, they just don't seem to be that angry to me.

How were they selected? The article didn't say, but here's how I imagine it worked out. One day the director of the language program came into the class and, after giving a heartfelt speech about that rock they love to love, he then asked who would NOT like to help out their host country by joining a protest. After five seconds of awkward silence, the director says, "Great! Let's start making your posters!"

Sian1008200503231954491Here is a protest held by Korean residents in the US in Washington D.C. No mention of the numbers, but clearly there are at least 2.

Have you ever noticed that the lower number of protestors, the closer the cameraman goes in for the shot?

Englishhome20050327222737Here are some patriotic Korean tourists on their way to visit Tokto. The weather was too bad for them to dock, so I guess they just circled around a few times and burned some Japanese flags on the boat.

Price of the tour: 330,000 Won, no refunds.

Roh's Harsh Criticism Stuns Japan!

Roh speaks and Japan is shocked! Flabbergasted! Discombobulated! Speechless even!

The Korean reporter was a little sparse on details, but I understand that many Japanese, on hearing Roh's words of mighty rage, rolled their eyes and shook their heads, which in Japanese body language means pure shock, if not pee-in-your-pants terror.

Several days later when some Japanese politicians were finally able to regain their senses, one said, "There were a lot of emotional expressions. It's like a North Korean statement."

You got that right. Severed fingers in the mail, mofo.

I for one hope this never ends.

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Your blog's da bomb, for shizzle, keepin' it real and representin.' At least that's what the K-rappers say about it. It's especially entertaining when Koizumi or other Japanese politicians say Roh's comments are just "for domestic consumption," because a) it's true and b) it means the don't give a toss what he says. That really gets the fingers choppin'...

Posted by: Michael | March 27, 2005 at 10:35 PM

this may be the best site, ever.

Posted by: adrian | March 30, 2005 at 08:06 PM

Your comment that the fewer the protesters the closer the camera is perfect. Once I saw a small protest of about 12 or so Koreans protesting the US for something. Later that night I saw it on TV and it seemsed it was much bigger than 12 people. Very close cameras that time to be sure. How a protest of 12 people makes it on TV blows me away. Then again it was about 9 months after the middle school girls accident and any protest made it on TV to keep the hate going

Posted by: non korean | April 05, 2005 at 10:09 AM

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