Monday, June 6, 2005

Photo Fun June 2005

BoybagsSwiped this picture from connectkorea. In modern Korean families with only 1-2 children (most likely stopping as soon as the first male child is produced), this is what happens when you do not have an older brother around to kick your ass when you do something totally gay.

Thank God Korean males go to the military where this kind of behavior is literally stomped out.

Kt1200506022124231SNU professor Hwant Woo-suk, who recently become a household name in Korea for making extraordinary advances in stem-cell research, reportedly telling Science and Technology Minister Oh Myung at a ceremony: "Dude, you wouldn't believe the kind of tail I'm getting these days. I'm a fuckin' rock star!"

Vnok200506012209000From the Korea Times: "Water flows down Chonggyechon stream during a test run of the stream’s
water flow, Wednesday. The stream near Kwanggyo, central Seoul, had
been covered by pavement for the last 40 years. The stream’s
restoration will be completed on Oct. 1"

It will be really nice for Seoulites to have a new place to dump their garbage (the Han River really isn't that accessible). I can't wait for the mass demonstrations to come when the first American GI gets caught tossing a beer can into it.

Drama5Stole this picture from you know who (excreted at 1 AM; the Big Ho's most brilliant work always comes along in the wee hours). The original caption read: "We're staring at your tits and we like what we see."
I've found the picture's concept works even better if you drop your pants in front of the computer screen (especially considering the expression of the girl in the pink shirt).
Drama3If you find while waving your pecker in front of the computer screen that the Big Ho's expression is more than a little disconcerting, try the same
exercise in front of this picture. The pink shirt girl's expression is even better (YES!!), the girl on the right is flatteringly terrified of your manliness, and you even get a little response from "Z" (not an easy thing to do, I understand). The Big Ho, in response to this challenge to his mating dominance of the herd, assumes battle positions.

Comments on original post

Sheer genius. And the best I can come up with is fish blogging. Wanna see my bass?

Posted by: Nomad | June 06, 2005 at 02:54 AM

Your pecker? Sheer pathetic-ness.

Posted by: bluejives | June 07, 2005 at 01:04 PM

Is that all you got Bluejives? IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!?

In the words of my 43rd most favorite American president: Bring it on.

[Angry white male expats and even angrier Korean male kyopos; don't you just love it?]

Posted by: partypooper | June 07, 2005 at 06:37 PM


What makes you think I'm angry? Does my text on your screen look angry to you?
Dude, I come in the name of peace and to further my understanding of this strange creature that is an expat who lives and work in korea through the examination of their blogs.

BTW, I really loved your Gaywatch Korea post. Pretty fucking hilarious. You were point on about how Koreans seem to have a poorly developed sense of "gaydar", as you put it. Anyone who didnt know any better would think Korean males were a bunch of latent queers from reading your blog.

I also found your "disclaimer" that just because you happen dwell on gayish subjects doesnt mean you're gay yourself. Interesting. You've got a link to the right that says "Mincing with Myojung". I clicked on it and took a look. It turned out to be a blog of a gay man in Korea. I dont know, man. Something's fishy.

BTW, I like your light pastel green and pink colors. Kinda like a chick's blog.

Important Disclaimer

Just because this author spent hours and hours on this subject does not in any way mean that he might be gay. I'm sick of people claiming that I must be secretly gay because I expend so much energy talking about it. I love women. Lots of them. As a matter of fact, I even have sex with them, sometimes even more than once. So just stop thinking that about me right now.

Posted by: bluejives | June 10, 2005 at 07:24 PM

Bluejives! My fellow American! I was worrying you wouldn't come back to play. Thanks for the compliments on my gaywatch post. A lot of people have enjoyed that. Some dense and/or humorless people just don't get it, but it's nice to see that you did. :)

Posted by: scott | June 11, 2005 at 12:11 AM

Are you Real Reality from over at Dave's? You seem like the same person...

Posted by: Jackie | June 20, 2005 at 09:39 PM

Sorry Jackie, we are not the same person. If I were to join the Dave's Cafe crew, I would choose a really super clever name like "kimchi Jjang!" or "Bondegi Warrior" and post some fresh and new topics, like about how Korean girls are when dating or a top-ten list of what bothers me about living in Korea.

Posted by: partypooper | June 21, 2005 at 07:28 PM

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