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Kimchi Folklore--Bird Flu Virus cure

Sales of kimchi and sauerkraut have reportedly spiked due to claims that kimchi can fight the Bird Flu virus.

An agriculture official at the Korean Embassy in Washington, Kim Jae-su, said despite growing concern over the hygiene and safety of kimchi in Korea following a recent parasite scare, many U.S. media reported the virtue of kimchi in treating bird flu, and sauerkraut manufacturers were trying to boost sales by riding on the coattails of that popularity.

The 'virtue' of kimchi in treating bird flu is based on ONE research study that the researchers themselves admitted was not conclusive. That was back in March and things have been fairly quiet since then, which seems more than a little odd. The only thing I found was this and this. (basically, a month ago they shipped off some special 'kimchi-feed' to an Indonesian zoo. Why wait for scientific verification before making a little money, eh?)

But even if no further research comes out to prove the theory, or even if research comes out that disproves the theory (though I doubt the Korean media would be bothered to report on it), the myth that kimchi cures yet another deadly disease will be etched onto the collective consciousness of the Korean people.


This lady's name just happens to be Adi Kimchi. She's a professor in a cancer research institute.

Hasn't anyone told her that to find the cure to cancer she has only to look to her surname? I mean, could God give her a bigger clue to solve the mystery of her chosen life's work?

I hear she actually smells rather pleasant, by the way.

Anyhoo, sauerkraut has the same bacteria strain that researchers extracted from kimchi for their research (conducted on sick chickens, by the way. I guess they couldn't get the chickens to eat kimchi in its normal, stinky state).

If this research actually pans out, which choice do you think the average westerner will choose?

A. Spicy cabbage that smells and tastes like it was left to rot in a jar for several months (because, well, it was) and leaves your breath with that sharp 'garlicious' tang that makes the ladies weak at the knees (and stomach)?

B. A product they are already familiar with that DOESN'T stink up the entire refrigerator, despite being placed in 5 separately sealed airtight containers?


The best thing about sauerkraut, of course, is that it is often encountered in the vacinity of a big piece of greasy meat and copious amounts of German beer.


More from the article:

“Last year, when kimchi drew attention for its efficacy in curing SARS, which hit Southeast Asia, the U.S. media took no interest,” Kim said.

The first clause of that sentence is 100% 황소똥. There never was a single study that even suggested kimchi could do anything for curing or preventing SARS. It was a complete fabrication of the Korean media (not the scientific community in Korea, save for a few people trying to pass themselves off as scientists) that I've already covered in detail here. If the U.S. media took no interest in that piece of uber-nationalistic folklore, well, then I guess it's nice to know that occasionally they can do something right.


This pic has no real relation to this post, other than the fact that I got it from a site called '

This is the only kind of Corean nationalism I am interested in seeing.

And if sketchings don't do it for you, how about a picture of a doll some girl named 'Kimchi Girl'? Kimchi girl is the one on the right, by the way. The other is Pattie.

She has taken the pics off of her blog. You'll have to type 'kimchi girl' into a search engine to find the rest of this fascinating collection.


But who am I to tell you kimchi doesn't cure and/or prevent everything from AIDS to the Black Death? Join the Faith and double up on your kimchi if you feel you must. Oh, and make sure it isn't any of that poisonous Chinese kimchi (especially the kind that comes from Korean companies that moved their plants over to China to take advantage of the more 'reasonable' wages and health standards the Chinese pride themselves on).

As for me, I'll stick with my own proven diet of Burger King Whoppers, galbi, 'Mexican' fried chicken and the occasional Krispykreme doughnut that has kept me free for 30+ years from AIDS, SARS, bird flu, and every other disease save the common cold and flu. Say what you will, but I've got just as much 'proof' that my diet fights every serious disease known to man as kimchi does for it.

Selected Comments from the original post

If I were the type to whack off to sketches, I'd definitely whack off to the sketch of the large-eyed Korean chick wearing a flag.

Then again, the fact that the flag has been drawn incorrectly is something of a turnoff. Take a look at the trigrams and the orientation of the t'ae-geuk in the middle. What sort of dumbass cartoon bitch wears a badly drawn Korean flag? I bet the artist was Japanese.

Meat unbeaten,


Now, Honourable Pooper, since when does something in Korea have to have one shard of proof in order to be believed by 100% of the population. If "Professor" Kim Mum-fuk said it, it was on TV and and it strokes Korean nationalism, it is Gospel, even it if makes Korea a laughing stock.

Probably the best example is "fan death." There was never a single Korean I have ever met that did not completely believe in it. I worked in Daegu for serveral years which is known for blast-furnace summers. A class of very smart seniors told me "be sure never to sleep with the fan on." I replied that that was pure poppy-cock and a gasp ensued. When I further informed them that I slept with the a/c on full blast a look of panic ensued. When I returned to work on Monday one student told me "I am surprised you lived through the weekend."

Kim Jae-su. Jae-su. That's another classic name. I am compiling a list of cruel Korean names to give my children if I ever have them.

Koreans and their kimchi. The national identity is completely tied up with the rotting cabbage. "No, we didn't invent physics, rock 'n roll, baseball, skyscrapers, logic, etc etc, but we do a mean stinky vegetable side dish!"

Morning pooper! Just to let you know that my blog has moved due to being hacked by a couple of morons! Does anybody know the medicinal value of this blood sucking practise in Korea that leaves marks similar to giant love bites? Apparently the blood is bad and black in colour..........

If the U.S. media took no interest in that piece of uber-nationalistic folklore, well, then I guess it's nice to know that occasionally they can do something right.


the flag chick looks like lee hyo-ri, which equals the plainest looking "hot" girl in history.

This doesn't have anything to do with kimchi, or it has everything to do with it, you decide:

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