Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fruits of the 386 Generation

In the Korean bi-annual Pardon Fest, President Noh Mu Hyun once again showed his commitment to cleaning up corruption by pardoning his former aides who were indicted for illegal fund raising in the 2002 presidential election.

So basically, Noh is grandly showing them forgiveness for illegally raising funds that helped put Noh in office.

Noh Mu Hyun: Go thy way, and sin no more.

386hypocritesHere the are two in question. Fresh, young faces of the Noble 386 Generation that valiantly avoided their university classes and raged, RAGED I say, against the corrupt government of the 80's. Considering their previous service and sacrifices to help make their country democratic and shiny pure, how could anyone blame Noh for overlooking their current abuses of power trivial violations? This goes right up there with Noh pardoning all those involved in illegally funneling money to the North for the 2000 Summit. The Korean Constitution, afterall, shouldn't get in the way of progress.

But to be fair, Noh also pardoned some members of the opposition party, the GNP, which is the true master of securing illegal campaign funds.

Former Grand National Party (GNP) lawmakers Suh
Chung-won and Kim Won-kil, both convicted of illegal fundraising during
the last presidential election, were also included in the special
amnesty list.

So I guess that makes everything ok. Bravo, President Noh, for cleaning up the government just as you said you would. Who will dare break election laws in the future now?

And a big Bravo Your Life to the 386 Generation for all they have done for Corea. One can only look forward to how the next generation will screw makeover the government.


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