Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dong Bang Shin Gi: Gay Asia Rising

Update 3
Finally moved this post over to the new blog. It finished with 730 comments on the original site, every one a winner.

I'm a winner too.

Update 2: Happy 300!

This post has now amassed over 300 comments, a record for expat blogs in Korea!

All recognize my power to infuriate hordes of 10-year-old Asian girls!

Photo: A still from the epic movie 300 to comemorate the new milestone for this humble post.  I chose this photo because it matches the general theme of the post (and is reportedly what Hero from Dong Bang Sin Gi uses for his computer desktop wallpaper, replacing his former picture of Ricky Martin).

I deeply apologize for not responding to all of the comments. I hope that not for even one moment do any of you commenters think that I might not be reading your comments, especially the long ones that must have taken you a long time to compose. I most certainly do read all of them. I print them out and thoughtfully consider each and every word you write, regardless of how hideously misspelled each may be. Please don't think that in any way you are just wasting your time.

So keep those comments coming! If this post doesn't reach 400 comments and soon, I'll begin to doubt your true love for this fine group of pseudo-performers!

In the meantime, here's a youtube video of the Dong Seong Bang Shin Gi 'boys' which might in some remote way be applicable to this post.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Update: Happy 200!

Just a quick shout out and big thanks to all who helped this post reach the 200 comment milestone. The last time I googled Dong Bang Shin Gi, the post was listed 6th! With a little luck (and few hundred more angry pre-teens who go completely apeshit when some random stranger on the Internet jokes about their idols), it will soon be the first site that pops up when anyone is curious to learn more about the Pride of Korea which is Dong Bang Shin Gi.



Original Post:

Cathartidae somehow finds the worst of the worst as far as Korean femboybands go. This is Dong Bang Shin Gi, the current Big Kahuna's of the Korean Gay Wave that Korea would probably be better off having the West NOT know about.

Dong Bang Shin Gi, by the way, translates into 'Gods (in pink tutus and bunny rabbit outfits) Rising in the East.'

Although not as consistently ridiculous as the above video, this one here hits gay factor 9.5 when it shows the 'boys' around a dining table near the beach doing 'love shots' and feeding each other cake (near the end of the song). This is probably the first song in the history of pop that is filmed on a beach without a single hot babe in a bikini. The world just doesn't make sense anymore...

As far as the sexual orientation of these guys, far be it from me to rush to any conclusions, as you all well know by now. I'll just leave you with some selections from a posting on one of their fan sites and let you come to your conclusions.

22 facts about DBSK Members


3.Changmin is a crybaby (he is)

4.a lady threw a bad finger at Yunho and he cried backstage (aww >.< don't cry!!)

6.they watch korean dramas when they can/have tym  

16.hero is the "mom" because he knows how to cook

and Xiah share in one bed and Micky and Max share in one bed too,
u-know gets his own bed not because he's the oldest but because he won [lost?] a game of rock paper siscors!! [What, one of the most popular bands in Korea and they can't afford more than 3 beds in their little luv shack? Right...]
19.a fan broke in to DBSG's apartment and stole changmin's USED underwear [of course, it could have been Hero, see next]

stole Changmin's first kiss, he was waking changmin up but Changmin
didn't wanna get up so he kissed him, Changmin cried after that.


Credit. AsianFanatics Forum



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Anonymous said...

um seriously dude? y trash DBSK? if u dont like them keep it to yourself. otherwise you make urself look like an immature brat who doesnt have a life.
wat? let me guess. ur gay and ur boyfriend finally got some sense knocked into him and realized how much of an ass u r. he broke up with u for DBSK so now ur bashing DBSK.
but seriously, bout the gay thing. im korean so i should now. Guys do tht ALL the time. if theyre close friends they'll feed each other and hug and no one will say theyre gay. theyre like brothers, kay? so seriously learn the culture before you say anything. and BTW they dont only have fans tht r 10 yrs old. they hav fans of all ages. and i bet they r way more talented than u r.
and as for the tutu thing Where did u even GET that idea? they have NEVER worn a tutu before.the kissing thing was a joke. they talk about their ideal girls all the time. and have u ever THOUGHT of stylists? really? those are the ppl who decide what they wear and wat their hair looks like and for the face. genetics! its a korean/ japanese thing so shut the hell up about that. actually, better, shut the hell up about everything u perverted ass.
oh! a tip:
korean fangirls are the most extreme so i advise you to go hide in the corner of a cave for the rest of your life before they get you. you dont want 800,000 korean crazed fangirls and all those other ones from japan plus all those other unoffical fangirls from around the world. damn u got a lot of crazy girls that r goin to murder you. but i guess with that perverted mind of yours you wont mind if they were "hot babes"

well, bye hope you go crawl in a corner and die

partypooper said...

I didn't have time to read all of your comment (got bored in the second paragraph), but seriously, who likes those 'guys' anymore anyway? All of the original DBSK fans have grown up and are trying to forget they ever liked such a ridiculous band, and all the younger girls have gone on to the newer (and gayer) bands like Big Bang.

Get with the times.