Monday, September 29, 2008

God Damns Jun-Koo BAK

The people have a right to know.

Summary of Jun-Koo BAK

Birthday(Lunar): 24 Jul 1935
Height: 173 cm; 5'7"
Weight: 68kg; 150 lb

Skills: Make others suffer from him; Make others scare of him; Make others hate him; Make others angry with him; Put others glory on himself as if hiw own when he spoke of others success and wealth; He is keen on telling lies; keen on threating others; making others slave for him by force but he himself knows nothing and does nothing.

Residence: Busan, South Korea

Interests: Abuse, Alcohol, sex, violence

Hobbies: Threats relatives, beats close relatives, abuse maid, blame others always, never repent, never apology, never self-exam, do nothing at all but using the others to pay for his expenses

Attributes: Sin, mental disorder, horrible manner, disgusting behaviour, full of hatred in his blood & etc


Les said...

Bak Jun Koo is a sonofabitch who must go to hell.

babotaengi said...

OMG, did you read what his wife Ji-yeon did to her poor daughter in law???

"One day, when Ji-yeon cooked bean curd, her daughter-in-law told her that she loves to eat bean curd very much, but Ji-Yeon distributed only 3 thinest bean curd to her, and gave the most to her husband.
In Korea, her daughter-in-law kept starving because of her food is too hot for her everyday, and because of no choice, so she ate and then become seriously stomach-ache."

Just THREE Bean Curds, and gave most to her HUSBAND!!! MY GAWD!!!

And serving too spicy food for poor daughter in law, until she got a stomach-ache!!!!!!!! This Woman Is A MONSTERS!!!!

Elise said...

omg I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

by the way loving the nice diskette background on the geocities. classy choice for the page of hatred.