Tuesday, December 13, 2005

December Dokdo Post

By Korean law, I have to post something about Dokdo every month and proclaim my belief, nay, unquestionable knowledge that those rocks do indeed belong to Korea.

Here is a picture I swiped from the Kushibo site which I find appropriate for the occasion.


By the way,I wouldn't know about this kind of thing, but I hear that if a foreigner wears a "Dokdo Belongs to Korea" T-shirt, he has to fight off the women with a stick.

Violence5Unfortunately, these kind of women usually look like this (you might want to keep that stick handy). These dainty little lasses are protesting the statue of Macarthur, that Yankee bastard who prevented the Koreas from unifying under the divine lordship of Kim Il-sun. I'm sure they have enough hate and loathing in their hearts for Dokdo protests as well.

Link_dance_team_1Contrast, if you will, with the LINK dancers; activists who are protesting for something actually worthwhile (human rights for North Koreans).

I'll leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

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