Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January Dokdo Post

US and Japan forces plot to retake Dokdo! You heard it here first.

In the scenario, soldiers will infiltrate a
captured island by boat and retake it after exchanging fire with the
enemy, the official said, though no live ammunition will be used during
the exercise.

Read between the lines people! Don't let anyone tell you this has anything to do with making a show of force to China. Dokdo is what is on the minds of the evil Japanese 24/7! 

Considering the combined might of Japan and US forces, I suggest the Korea double the number of bored marines on that rock and add another fighter jet or two to their fleet (and make sure they are able to reach Dokdo in less than 5 minutes!). Furthermore, the media should double the number of special Dokdo documentaries and Korean civilians at home can do their part by being ready to immolate or disfigure themselves at a moment's notice.

In a (somewhat) related story, Occidentalism has a bizarre story  on a supposed poll taken in Korea by a Japanese news station.


Answers to the question ‘what would you do if America attacked North Korea without the Permission of the South Korean government?

32.1% - Support America

47.6% - Help North Korea

21.2% - Attack Japan


Here's how I interpret this poll: 32% of Koreans is about the percentage of Koreans who are very unhappy with the current government's policy on North Korea, and thus have no problems with the US ignoring what the Korean government says on this issue. 47% of Koreans are severely stupid and should just be slapped silly, and the remaining 21% either completely misheard the question or just have IQs equal to that of rotting heads of cabbage.

On to other news...

Professor Hwang's 2004 study likely to be fake as well (and Hwang may have even admitted it).

I hope you were all sitting down before you read that.

That leaves their little dog Snuppy left as the last hope for the 40 million-dollar man. Koreans were polled on what they think should be done if Professor Hwang's supposed cloning of a dog turned out to be faked as well. The results were not surprising:

Force Hwang to resign and face criminal charges     42%
Just allow SNU to punish Hwang as they see fit.      35%
Dokdo belongs to Korea so we should attack Japan  23%                                                          

13For those who fail to see the relevance of Dokdo and Professor Hwang, here's a recent picture on the I Love Hwang cult fansite (106,000 members!). Click on that baby and you'll see it's the banner for the 황사모 ('The Hwang Love Group') fan site (cause just one Hwang fansite ain't near enough) and clearly that is Dokdo in the background. So obviously, in some way these two events are related and if they say so, that's enough truthiness for me.

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