Friday, April 21, 2006

April Dokdo Post: Smells like Han

Despite the passion and fervor of my previous Dokdo post, I have been neglecting my duties to continue to give monthly updates of that little hate enabling rock Koreans love to love. 
This guy obviously hasn't lost any zeal for Dokdo though. Don't worry about our little warrior. He was rushed to the hospital and the word is he'll back on his feet doing more idiotic things in no time.

(Hat tip to GI Korea)

Obviously this tactic worked, however, as Japan 'called off its dogs' and cancelled (or at least postponed) the hydrographic survey/full scale invasion. 

Of course, we all know it's just a matter of time before those damn pig-toe Japanese once again cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of War and Hydrographic Surveying. Patriotic Koreans, keep your knives handy!

200604200014_01_1'Aggressive Inferiority Japan!,' screamed the little black pot.

Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of people here really enjoy it whenever Japan does anything, regardless of how trivial, about Dodko? The politicians get to talk tough, nut-jobs without much else to do can get some attention, more newspapers and Dokdo merchandise can be sold, bloggers have some easy post material and, most importantly, attention can be diverted from the very real problems Korea faces. Everybody wins. It makes you wonder what people would dig up against Japan if for some reason Dokdo and the Shrine visits no longer became issues.

Tip to Japan: send the survey boats during the World Cup soccer matches. No one will even notice on this side of your West Sea.

Speaking of Japan, did anyone catch this article in the Chosun?

The Justice Ministry has finished the paperwork on a special ordinance
that will launch an agency whose mission is to search and confiscate
property of collaborators with the 1905-1945 occupation. In general,
that is aimed at land given to helpful Koreans by Japanese officials
since the beginning of the Russo-Japanese war in 1904. The doling out
of land continued until 1945, when Korea gained independence.

What did it mean to be a 'helpful Korean' back then? Are these Koreans who turned in their rebelious brethren? Are these Koreans who spoke out in favor of Japan? Or will anyone who happened to have gained land in any way back during that time  be punished? And what if it turns out that more members of the super-duper progressive Woori party turn out to be children of these 'Collaborators?"

Now if land had been taken away from rightful owners and given to pro-Japanese collaborators, then fine, give the land back. But yet I've never heard any of these kinds of complaints. So what the hell is this really all about? Whoever 'collaborated' back then is most likely dead and gone now, so why is this government so eager to punish their children?

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