Tuesday, August 24, 2004

H.O.T. Aftermath

A commenter on my Gaywatch post (Simon) gave a link to these pictures. Simon, the Korean Gaywatch Project (a team consisting of over 70 researchers and investigators throughout South Korea, by the way) has been duly notified.


This is the new boy band in Korea. I can't remember their name, but that's ok. No one else will either this time next year.


My, my, my...aren't you all just the prettiest little things?

Male Korean pop stars do wear their makeup better than most Korean women, I'll give them that.


And what's this? Oh! They're playing peak-a-boo! Or is it "guess-who"? "Sang-hyun, is that you? Oh! Lee Min, it's you! You horrible little tease! I'll get you!" (giggly-fun water and/or pillow fight ensues until they collapse exhausted in each other's arms)

Now why doesn't Metallica take these kind of fun promo pics?

Korea is boy band crazy in the worst way. Aside from a few hip-hop/rap acts, this is pretty much it for popular Korean music. They look alike, dress alike (well, some are a little more "metrosexual" than others), talk alike and worst of all, sound EXACTLY alike.

When I was in Korea in 1995 (just before those IMF bastards destroyed Korea!!), there was MUCH more variety in the mainstream (Seo Tae-ji, Clone (spelling?), D.J. D.O.C. , Lulu, Panic, etc.) Though most of it was maybe not world-class, they still put out some enjoyable music and at least had distinguishable identities.

Nowadays EVERY band is just another version of H.O.T. (If you don't know H.O.T., think New Kids on the Block, just not as cool). The only singers/groups who do not fit that mold are just holdovers from last decade that have managed to survive.

Anyway, I'm rambling now and I've just realized I've been bitten by a mosquito (despite the fact that the "mogi-man" came through our neighborhood leaving our street in a wonderland of toxic smoke). I have to stop here and exact vengeance. I won't rest until that mosquito (and any other "innocent" mosquitoes that might get in my way) is a bloody smear on the wall. I'm American, that's how we do things.

Oh, about Simon who sent me the link to these pics. Thus far he is the only gay guy who wasn't pissed off about my "Gaywatch Korea" post (the post on my old blog has all the comments from those who found the post less than appropriate, Simons is near the bottom). He's in Korea and started his own blog. Could be an interesting blog with a fresh perspective on Korea (once he gets around to posting more on his experiences here, anyway). Note to Simon, is there any way you can open up the comment section to those who don't register? I know I could just take 3 minutes out of my life to register, but I'm a bit on the lazy side...

Anyway, now that I've publicly promoted the site of a homosexual I feel the need to reaffirm my own heterosexuality by brutally killing that damn mosquito with my manly bare-hands and then maybe masterbating to some Ha Lee-su pictures like these.



Hey, who is that school kid in the picture next to Ha Lee-su's pic? And exactly what is he doing to that other male student sitting in front of him? Very strange...

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