Friday, May 21, 2004

Apologize you Canadian bastards!


Breaking news from the Daum home page: A hotel in Montreal is flying a ripped Korean flag. It's been that way for a while, but the arrogant Canadians refuse to replace it. Furthermore, there is no way to prove that Korean-hating Canadians did not rip it on purpose, nor as of yet is there any firm evidence that Canadians do not secretly smirk and giggle to themselves every time they see it.

(hey, with factual reporting like this, maybe I could be a "journalist" for Oh My News!).

To all my Canadian brothers currently in Korea, I advise you to stay indoors until the inevitable swell of Anti-Canadianism fury has abated. If this is not possible, at least remove the maple leaf insignia from your backpacks (they look a little gay anyway) and if questioned on the street swear that you are an American (be extra careful to pronounce "about" like an American would, or just avoid using prepositions all together).

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