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2007 Predictions revisited, or, Pooper Pwns Baduk.

Early this year I posted (on my original site) a set of predictions for 2007. Allow me to repost the original, along with some new comments within the text.

Prepare to be shocked and awed at the amazing accuracy of my predictions.

Original post:

The legendary Baduk over at KoreanAmerican blog has graced the K-blogosphere with his predictions for 2007. Baduk was, as some of you may recall, declared a Prophet of Blog by this humble blogger for his revelations concerning Hwang Woo Suck (spelling?) before his deceptions became public.
Being a trained and certified psychic myself, and having an amazing 100% accuracy in my former predictions posted here on this blog, I feel a need to remind the K-blogosphere that I am still the reigning psychic in these here parts. For those who doubt, I will hereby post Baduk's predictions, and then offer the actual events that will happen. Let the people see for themselves whose psychic kung-fu reigns supreme! Baduk's 'predictions' are italicized, my prophecies are in confident bold.

1) Korean real estate bubble will burst. All apartments will depreciate to 50% of present price.
No! The real estate bubble will not burst for another 2 years. It is fueled by collective insanity which will defy all predictions based on logical analysis.

[Score 1 for the Pooper. Though the real estate market has cooled a bit, no bubbles have burst.]

2) President Rho will resign, naming Gohgun as the intrim acting president.

Wrong again. Noh will threaten to resign exactly 26 more times in the next 12 months, but will not actually do it.

[Score another for the Pooper, though I should admit that the number of threats to resign actually ended up totaling 31.]

3) Korea will stop "sunshine policy" and all forms of contact with Kim Jongil's regime.

No. The Sunshine Policy will continue throughout the year. And I'm sorry to say, but even if the conservatives take over the presidency, South Korea will still do what it can to keep Jong-il in business. It's all about the Sae Jong's, people.

[This is starting to turn ugly. No wonder Baduk doesn't come around the K-blogosphere much these days.]

4) The US will go to war with Iran. Korean soldiers will fight side-by-side with American troops to topple Iranian regime.

No and hell no. Although many say the surge in troops is just a pretext for an invasion of Iran, I just can't see Bush being that stupid. An air strike here and there...maybe, followed by a lot of loud but empty threats out of Iran (the only thing short ugly dictators are really good at, it seems). And the idea of Korean troops fighting in Iran or anywhere in the world is just drunk talk. It's a military that's lost its confidence and balls after 10 years of Sunshine Policy.

[Yup. That's the Pooper 4 and Baduk -1--this last prediction was so silly that I just have to give an additional penalty]

5) South Korea and Japan will announce mutual defense treaty aimed at China-NK coalition.

Maybe in 2008, but not while the 386 Generation are driving this crazy train.

[PP 5, Baduk -1]

6) Economic hardship (lost 20 years) will start.

Not really. Korea will somehow manage to stay where they are for a while, before slowly receding in economic power as it just gets too hard to compete with China and their population bust starts to kick in.

[The spanking continues]

7) NK will attack SK in limited scale on sea and near DMZ. Korean people will learn to hate NK to the max. China will be hated as well for helping KJI regime.

More wishful thinking on Baduk's part. Jong-il and the Sunshine Boys will do the opposite, having a second summit in the spring to show Koreans that the engagement/appeasement policy is indeed working (exact costs of the summit to be released later in 2008). North Korea will even PROMISE to dismantle the nuclear program and let in inspectors in select areas. After the elections are over, regardless of who wins, the Norcs will return to form and kick out the inspectors and everything will return to normal by this time next year.

[OK, I was a bit off on the timing of the summit, but the rest still works.]

8) FTA with the US will not pass.

The 20 Sided Die of Destiny concurs. This will be a big factor in the next elections, as the Woori boys will successfully paint themselves as noble patriots who are doing all they can to prevent Korea from being raped by the Imperialists. The U.S. will just wait, hoping that a new administration will come into power in 2008.

[In a way, we're both right, but the agreement really hasn't had to go through Congress yet anyway. PP 7, Baduk's score gets back to zero]

9) American troop withdrawal from Korea will accelerate. Koreans will be scared and many will flee the country. Laws will be passed to block Korean nationals from leaving the country.

Again, the Die concurs on troop withdrawal, though nothing dramatic. The numbers of Koreans fleeing Korea, however, will continue at the same pace as usual.

[There is no way to prove I am wrong on this one. The exact data on troop presence is not available to anyone, not even the military itself. If they do claim that they know, that is just to save face. I stand by the accuracy of this prediction.]

10) Foreign investments will plunge. Stock market and real estate will dive with no bottom. Korea will go down from its peak (2006) as many countries in Asia and South America have done in history. The miracle of Han river will end and Korea will deteriorate into a third world country. All because so-called liberals(=Commies) played the anti-American card and that accelerated the US withdrawal from Korea. Koreans brought this to themselves. No one to blame.

A big no to all of these, at least for 2007. The government here may be incompetent, but they know what lines can't be crossed.

[I could go through the trouble to check the data on this one in regards to foreign investments, but I'm getting a psychic message that is confirming my prediction so that should settle it.]

You're through, Baduk.

All recognize my power!

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