Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You love me! You reallly love me!

Noh Mu-hyun has just been awarded the Order of National Service Merit, the highest honor given in Korea. (go to the editorials to see the article; can't seem to get a direct link to it). I don't have time to go into all the many, many reasons why he was given this esteemed award, but it should suffice to say that he deserved it just as much as Kim Dae-jung deserved his Nobel Peace Prize.

However, unlike DJ Kim's Nobel Prize, which he purchased for about 500 million bucks*, Noh Mu-hyun just had to take his cabinet (which awarded him the prize) out for galbi, whiskey and whores after the ceremony (total price: $6,000). So this is good news for taxpayers.

This award is going to look bitchin on Noh's resume. I suggest he make up a couple of more awards and give them to himself before he's kicked out of office. They should sound a bit grander than 'National Service Merit' though. Create something like 'Leader of the Millennium Award' (and claim it for the current millennium to keep Lee Myoung Park from giving it to himself later) or the 'Bigger than Jesus' award. I also like 'All that and Bag of Dried Squid' award too.

By sheer coincidence, it seems that this humble ol' blogger has just received a slew of awards as well. I've gone ahead and posted them on my side bar [now on this post below]. Now normally I shy away from these kinds of things, as I didn't get into blogging for all the fame and the money that come with it (I'm in it for the groupies), but if a humble man of the people like Noh Mu-hyun can give himself the highest honor in Korea, then I suppose I can indulge myself just this once.

The first prize you see listed is from some feminist group. This award for my blog was actually given to me in 2006, but it took those ditzy broads a long time to figure out how to scan the picture onto a computer. Chicks and computers just don't mix, I always say. Anyway, I was honored to receive the recognition.

The next one is self-explanatory, except for the fact that I'm not exactly Irish, nor care much for Ireland ('the Corea of Europe').

Here is a picture of me receiving the award. I'm the one who does not look like a complete loser dork.

Next is my 'Master Blogger' award which basically means I'm the Michael Jordan of Bloggers (take that Robert!).

"Ray Bolger only looks out for Ray Bolger." 'nuff said.

Finally, the 100 Top Mom Blog award was actually awarded to a MILF-themed blog I used to run. I guess that organization appreciated the attention and mad props that us dedicated MILFers have given over the years. You still got it, ladies.

* This was the amount DJ Kim illegally gave Kim Jeong-il to hold the summit, which was the reason for DJ Kim getting the Nobel prize. Jeong-il was able to use that much needed cash to keep his million-plus man army fed (while his citizens starved) and also revive his nuclear weapon program, so it was money well spent all around.

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