Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thought of the day

In order to post more often, I've decided to do a daily 10 minute bloggering session. Everyone can find a spare 'just one 10 minutes' a day, right?

So, I hereby start my daily bloggering today.

Judging from my past history on my previous site, this most likely means you can expect about one blog post every 2-3 weeks.

OK, I've got a cozy 8 minutes left (it took me about 45 seconds to decide how to spell 'bloggering'. Damn, now I just second-guessed myself and it cost another 30 seconds. OK, now I just reread that last sentence and I'm wondering if 'second-guessed' is acceptable. I think it is.)

Right. Seven more minutes to go.

I found this picture on Daum today. Apparently after the conclusion of a professional volleyball game this team came back onto the floor with their cheerleaders and did a 'Tell Me' victory dance.

What the hell is wrong with men in Korea who spend time learning this kind of shit?

And who is the guy in the red shirt who seems to really be getting into it? It looks like he's from the opposing (and thus losing) team. Is he so giggidy giggidy gay that he just couldn't restrain himself from joining the opposing team for a dance? If his team just lost, maybe he should spend more time practicing his sport rather than learning little girly dances.

OK then.


Anonymous said...

Am I the first to comment? Do I get a psychic reading?

Damon McShagnastie said...

No, you don't count.