Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Choi Hong Man Exempt from Military Duty

Read all about it here.

The government office did not reveal the specific reason for his exemption, but it seems related with a tumor on his pituitary gland, which disallowed him to face Brock Lesnar last year.

Now, if the government doesn't reveal the specific reason, on what basis does the exemption 'seem' to be related to the pituitary gland problems?

In his first physical in 1999, he received a grade-4, which forces a draftee to be assigned to non-combat duty, and Choi, 27, reported to boot camp on April 21 of this year.

Are we to believe that Hong Man is not healthy enough to serve military duty even in a non-combat role, yet is OK to continue fighting in the ring? To me, the pituitary gland issue does not 'seem' to have anything to do with this at all.

Here's the picture that went with the piece. Nice hat. Good to see Choi is actively dispelling rumors that kicking opponents in the crotch is not the only physical contact he enjoys with the groins of other men.

He was supposed to undergo four weeks of basic military training at the camp but was ordered to return home three days later.

At that time, the administration office also declined to discuss his release, saying it should protect his private information.

Hmm...what could Choi have done that would get him sent home in just a few days that the administration felt it could not report? Don't ask, don't tell?

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Juicy said...

Pituitary gland tumor is a completely treatable in most instances and should stop, but not reverse, gigantism. It's what most people choose to do to stop the potentially very dangerous condition.

Unless of course being huge is your meal ticket.

I can't believe how one-sided the commentary was on the youtube link. They're saying that Choi is shaking his head "No" that it wasn't a low kick and when the video replay showed it was in fact a low-kick, they're saying how it was off to the inside on one side and could not possibly hurt, and called it a knockdown.

Seeing how they completely slobber over this marginal freak, I can totally see how there may be an institutional conspiracy to hide his gayness.