Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paulina 쌩쑈

미수다 star Paulina has joined the protests against the import of US beef.

They loaded her up with a sign and a candle, told her which end of the candle to hold and where the media cameras would be, and set her loose.

Her sign reads, "Citizen Judgment: Lee Myong Bak."

In an interview she acknowledged that she's not actually a Korean citizen herself, but would do so if citizenship came with a guarantee of lucrative CFs (Konglish for commercials). "Hell, I'd suck off a Korean bull on live TV just to get half of the CF action my co-stars are getting," she (might as well have) said in the interview with "Professor" Jin Joong-kwon, a professor from...oh, I guess he doesn't have an actual position in an actual university if the netizen comments following this piece are correct. But I guess there's no law saying he can't still call himself a professor.

Here's a screen shot of Paulina's 'homep'. Why don't other K-bloggers link to this blog? I"m sure it has a very intellectual defense of her position on this very meaningful issue, chock full of statistical analyses and expert quotes following weeks of rigorous research.

What are we afraid of, THE TRUTH?

The comments following this media release were brimming with compliments. Here are a few I pulled out completely at random.

야 개뇬아 한국말부터 배우고와 물타기 하지말고 인기얻을라고 별 쌩쑈를 다하네

요즘 연예인들 대통령까는 말만하면 인기얻는다고 물타기하는 거자나

미수다 그 씨벩프로나 나오는 미췬뇬이네

저년이 언제부터 한국국민이였냐? 저년이 들고 있는 국민심판? 웃기지안냐? 저년이 언제부터 한국인 이였냐고

I'm sure her popularity will skyrocket and soon she'll be on a commercial for a Screw Bar or whatever the PD she sleeps with can find her. I wish her the best of luck on her Korean dream.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell your loyal reader what CF and PD are?

Party Pooper said...

Don't foreign schools teach Konglish? How about top-down reading skills to infer the meanings of new words from context? Come on, don't take this liberal use of Konglish as a sign of sloppy writing, take it as an exciting opportunity to develop your literacy skills!

OK, just this once I'll go ahead and give the Konglish-English translations.

CF = Commercial Film (which equals commercial in real English)

PD = Producer Director

Brian said...

Why is she dressed like 1987? She must be European.

aljensen said...

That is one plain woman, she looks like a middle school science teacher.

Gravy Express said...

She looks like something my dog ate and dropped.

Anonymous said...

dude, i seriously hope you are blogging outside of korean jurisdiction and this chick doesn't try to whip a korean libel lawsuit on your ass. as you may have heard truth is not a defense to these suits (so even if she would suck off a bull, your fucked). your blog rocks, just don't wanna see another zen kimchi lawsuit...