Sunday, July 17, 2005

The relationship between the asses of Asiana pilots and my steel-toed work boots

Asiana Airline pilots have decided to go on strike.

Now normally I don't give a flying fook when selfish union workers in Korea go on strike (a yearly event for most unions). Hey, you want to cripple your country's economy just so you can get a little bit of extra drinking money then that's your business. However, this time I have a flight out of here on Asiana Airlines next week so I AM NOT FINDING THIS FUNNY AT ALL!

And what are they striking for, pray tell? From a Korea Times Editiorial a while back:

Let’s take a look at the demands of the unionized pilots of Asiana Airlines. Basically, they are asking for better working conditions and greater job security. But among their demands were ``14 free round air tickets to our families staying abroad for study or other purposes for a year,’’ and ``provide four golf clubs or more at hotels we lodge at abroad.’’

First, what is up with 14 free round air tickets? How many snot-nosed brats does the average pilot have studying abroad? Let's be generous and say 2. Now let's say these spoiled little shits want to come home twice a year during the school breaks. Get out me trusty calculator...ok. I got 4 round trip tickets. Let's throw in two for the mother (though in all likelihood she is living there with the kid(s) anyway) and that makes...7. No wait, 6. Now lets throw one in for grandmother because when they leave her alone at the house she runs up the heating bill and now we have 7.

What the hell are the other 7 free tickets for? Are they flying over the entire extended family every year?

R3557410991_1 'How dare you deny my second cousin's entire family and poodle from flying to the US at least once a year! It is inhumane to force the people we love to stay in this country! And besides, my younger sister is about to give birth and...well, you know.'

[Pain, Kick, Mangle, Crush....]

And what the hell is this? 'Four golf clubs or more at hotels we lodge at abroad'? Someone please tell me they mangled up the English in that sentence cause that just doesn't make sense. But anyway, obviously they are bitching about not being able to play golf as conveniently as they'd like. Boo Fucking Hoo. How do they keep a straight face when demanding that? Why stop there? Why not demand huge bar tabs and free big boobed call girls at every hotel they 'lodge at'? God I feel like running over to that demo right now and kicking some doughy flyboy ass.

Cap 'How dare the capitalist fat cats deny us our rights to play at the best golf courses whenever we want! Just last week I had to suffer the indignity of taking a taxi across town in Orlando to play golf. And then I had to wait 20 minutes before I could even tee off! My whole afternoon was ruined! How can Asiana force us to work in these inhuman conditions!'

Um, yes. Good point. May I ask a question? How good are you flying a plane WITH ALL OF YOUR GOLF CLUBS WEDGED TWO FEET UP YOUR ASS!!!!

Hurt, Stomp, Throttle, Gouge...

Come Wednesday, if there is no resolution to the strike, here is the only kind of pictures I want to see. If my pilot isn't sporting a nice shiner then I'll be very disappointed.


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