Monday, January 24, 2005

Bae Yongjun Teddybear

Noticed this on the Chosun ilbo site.

200501240015 The“Bae Yong-joon Teddy Bear” will hit stores shelves in Japan on Feb. 1. IMX, Bae’s management agency in Japan, announced that 5,000 “Joon Bear” teddy bears, priced at about W300,000 (US$291) each, would go on sale from February, the first in a line of official Bae Yong-joon products.

Personally, I'd hold out for the upcoming version of the "Joon Bear" that has the automated "bitch slap" feature.

No word if any of the IMX spokespeople were sporting shiners at the press conference. I imagine being assigned to Yong Joon is not exactly a coveted position in the agency.

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