Saturday, September 17, 2005

강아지 똥

Just watched this animation on EBS and felt inspired to blog on it.

Yes, it's an animation about a sad little piece of dog crap that struggles to find its sense of self worth. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll never look at a pile of dog shit on the sidewalk the same way again.

2taijiangmaThings look up for our stinky little hero when he runs into a wise piece of sage poo (perhaps excreted by a Bhuddist monk or Christian missionary? Don't know, didn't see this part).

하느님은 쓸데없는 물건은 하나도 만드시지않으셨어
너는 무엇인가 꼭 귀하게

"God doesn't make any useless thing. You certainly have some noble use."

You can find more pictures of Doggy Poo's adventure here.

I don't want to give way the ending, but if you caught Southpark's 'Circle of Poo' episode with Mr. Hanky and his little turdlets, you'll have an idea of how little Doggy Poo is able to make embrace his state of shittyness.

Dukylo69_19I believe Doggy Poo first appeared on the stage as a play for children. I don't know who the actor was who played the lead role, but I'm sure having acted in the role of a piece of shit on his resume did wonders for his career. I bet he has some interesting stories on how he researched the part before bringing it to life on stage.

Just look at the enthused faces of these children who are lucky enough to get to see the play. Do you think in the back of their minds these children wondered why their parents felt like they needed to see this play? What kind of heartfelt talks did they have with their parents after seeing it?
"Though it's true that you may be just a lowly turd, can't you see that if a piece of dog shit can find happiness in life, maybe there's hope for you as well?"

Speaking of shit, here
s a site chock full of it (no, its not Dog Stew, it seems that Kim Jeong il finally pulled the plug on
that one).

It's a listing of all Korean dramas (136!) including main actors and storylines. Just scrolling through the list and thinking of the thousands of people who put this shit together and the millions who wasted precious time and brain cells watching them made me reconsider my normally optimistic world view. That these shows are spreading to other countries is truly a
tragedy of Jerry Springer, Baywatch and WWF proportions.

We need to keep in mind that though the Korean wave of movies hitting Asia may be well and good, the Korean Shitwave of god-awful pop music and television dramas is an entirely different thing. Contrary to what the makers of Doggy Poo would have us believe, not all shit has a worthwhile purpose.