Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mad Korean Disease Spreads to America!

Big story here.

대한민국을 뜨겁게 달구었던 촛불의 함성이 뉴욕의 심장부에서도 힘차게 울려 퍼졌다.

Translation: "Korean's hot ramming candlelight battle cry is spreading through the heart of New York! "

Well it's about fucking time! Shake with fear Evil US Beef Industry! Shake!

Look! It's a white guy protesting as well! Vindication for Korea!

Again, we see the protocol of Korean photo-journalism properly followed: the smaller the demonstration, the more close-up the photo.

Naturally, they quoted the guy.

시위대에는 미국인들도 포함돼 시선을 끌었다. 델라웨어주에 사는 알렉스 뉴먼(32 컴퓨터 프로그래머)씨는 “한국친구를 통해 촛불시위가 맨해튼에서 열린다는 소식을 듣고 왔다. CNN을 통해 한국에서 광우병 쇠고기문제가 심각하다는 것을 잘 알고 있다. 촛불시위의 취지에 전적으로 공감한다”고 말했다.

Reliable Translation: "It was seen that Americans were included in the demonstration. Said Delaware resident Alex E. Neuman [Neuman!], "Through some Korean friends I heard that a candlelight demonstration was being held in Manhattan. Through CNN I know well that the mad cow disease beef issue is very serious. I totally sympathize with the goals of this demonstration. And besides, if this will help me finally get down Ji Hyun's pants, so much the better."

Got my daily dose of high quality Korean journalism on this 'hot ramming' issue this morning from Morning Wide on SBS. It gave about 15 minutes of coverage to the weekend protests, which consisted mostly of interviews with protesters. The issue was then carefully balanced with a few minutes of the Morning Wide hosts giving the other side of this story by saying such things as, "Gee, it really makes me proud to see so many young people active on this issue," and, "It hurts my heart to think of how much longer Korean citizens will have to suffer because of this."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Choi Hong Man Exempt from Military Duty

Read all about it here.

The government office did not reveal the specific reason for his exemption, but it seems related with a tumor on his pituitary gland, which disallowed him to face Brock Lesnar last year.

Now, if the government doesn't reveal the specific reason, on what basis does the exemption 'seem' to be related to the pituitary gland problems?

In his first physical in 1999, he received a grade-4, which forces a draftee to be assigned to non-combat duty, and Choi, 27, reported to boot camp on April 21 of this year.

Are we to believe that Hong Man is not healthy enough to serve military duty even in a non-combat role, yet is OK to continue fighting in the ring? To me, the pituitary gland issue does not 'seem' to have anything to do with this at all.

Here's the picture that went with the piece. Nice hat. Good to see Choi is actively dispelling rumors that kicking opponents in the crotch is not the only physical contact he enjoys with the groins of other men.

He was supposed to undergo four weeks of basic military training at the camp but was ordered to return home three days later.

At that time, the administration office also declined to discuss his release, saying it should protect his private information.

Hmm...what could Choi have done that would get him sent home in just a few days that the administration felt it could not report? Don't ask, don't tell?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paulina 쌩쑈

미수다 star Paulina has joined the protests against the import of US beef.

They loaded her up with a sign and a candle, told her which end of the candle to hold and where the media cameras would be, and set her loose.

Her sign reads, "Citizen Judgment: Lee Myong Bak."

In an interview she acknowledged that she's not actually a Korean citizen herself, but would do so if citizenship came with a guarantee of lucrative CFs (Konglish for commercials). "Hell, I'd suck off a Korean bull on live TV just to get half of the CF action my co-stars are getting," she (might as well have) said in the interview with "Professor" Jin Joong-kwon, a professor from...oh, I guess he doesn't have an actual position in an actual university if the netizen comments following this piece are correct. But I guess there's no law saying he can't still call himself a professor.

Here's a screen shot of Paulina's 'homep'. Why don't other K-bloggers link to this blog? I"m sure it has a very intellectual defense of her position on this very meaningful issue, chock full of statistical analyses and expert quotes following weeks of rigorous research.

What are we afraid of, THE TRUTH?

The comments following this media release were brimming with compliments. Here are a few I pulled out completely at random.

야 개뇬아 한국말부터 배우고와 물타기 하지말고 인기얻을라고 별 쌩쑈를 다하네

요즘 연예인들 대통령까는 말만하면 인기얻는다고 물타기하는 거자나

미수다 그 씨벩프로나 나오는 미췬뇬이네

저년이 언제부터 한국국민이였냐? 저년이 들고 있는 국민심판? 웃기지안냐? 저년이 언제부터 한국인 이였냐고

I'm sure her popularity will skyrocket and soon she'll be on a commercial for a Screw Bar or whatever the PD she sleeps with can find her. I wish her the best of luck on her Korean dream.