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K-netizen Come-uppance

In the previous post I discussed the ongoing Time Magazine Internet Poll allowing people to vote their choice for the 'most influential person of the year.'

Predictably, the Korean Netizens responded to such polls they way they always do and Rain zoomed to the top. With the poll still open, the Korean media jumped on the story to see to it that all good citizens rallied for this noble cause.  'Is Rain more famous than Bill Gates?' the good reporters ask. 'The World Recognizes Rain's Global Stardom' was the headline of this morning's 'Focus' paper (one of those free papers they give out on the subways).

Barf bag, please.

However, the story took a turn when Thailand citizens realized their own good king Bhumibal was in the running and they responded with their own Internet ballot box-stuffing campaign and soon Bhumibal was atop the poll (that's about where my updates stopped in the previous post).

The Korean netizens, refusing to be beaten at their own game, realized that the only way to kill the king's popularity and put Rain back on top was to bombard Bhumibal with low ratings. Soon his average rating plummeted from 91 to the low 80s, a feat which must have taken 10s of thousands of voters to accomplish.

However, when the Thais realized what the Korean netizens were doing they returned the favor and sent Rain down to 23rd place (below Bill Gates, by the by, and George Bush for that matter). Enraged, even more Koreans plagued Bhumibal with low ratings and now His Majesty sits at about 50th place.

And so both seem fucked at this point. There is justice sometimes in cyberspace.

We all owe the Thai people a enormous debt of gratitude  for saving us from what surely would have been another onslaught of 'Gee, ain't we grand?' reporting from the Korean media which thrives on these farces.

But mayhaps I  am being premature in thinking the K-netizens so easily defeated? If they organize even greater numbers and get EVERYONE'S ratings in the low 70's, then their man (for lack of a better of word) is back in the running!  Sounds difficult, but an entire nation's sense of self-worth is on the line here, is it not?

'Backlash' seems to be a popular word lately. I think the antics of the Korean netizens and media are starting to get well known throughout Asia and perhaps even beyond and not in the way they'd like. The Thais will probably not take kindly to their King being trashed online and realize that with Korea it's all 'Please love us but we don't give a shit about you' (which, as we all know, is something only America has the right to demand). Don't be surprised if events like this leads to an even bigger decline in the 'Korean wave' than there was last year.


Never underestimate the power of the K-netizens. They've managed to get Rain back up to #11 by systematically bombarding the person in the next higher ranking with low ratings while continuing to try to push Rain's rating higher (getting a few hundred votes every minute, according to my half-assed calculations). American Idol clown Sanjaya is the latest victim, suddenly getting about a hundred votes per minute while all other candidates ranked ahead and behind are just getting a few. Scary to think of how many Netizens have given up their evenings for this matter of national honor.

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Hey, Koreans can't earn their self-esteem so they fake it, just like "Pi" has no talent so they run his voice through a computer and slap makeup on the girlieman and teach him a couple basic Michael Jackson moves from 25 years ago, and they have a "star."

Posted by: Ultimate Iguana | April 25, 2007 at 05:43 PM

Sanjaya vs. Rain. How ironic.

Posted by: SomeguyinKorea | April 25, 2007 at 05:44 PM

Hi Poops
Have you heard of this blog 'tagging' lark? I've just 'tagged' you - pop over to my place if you're interested.

Have a great weekend!

Leone xx

Posted by: Leone | April 27, 2007 at 07:32 AM

Wow - Rain is #3 now!

Posted by: Jenn | April 28, 2007 at 04:11 AM

The whole story is pretty sad... I've always hated this kind of polls.
But you don't have to thanks Thai people. Colbert's supporters worked with their VoteBots to decrease Rain's position and, of course, increase Colbert's. You can see it yourself in ColbertNation forum.

btw... who is that Colbert guy?

Posted by: m | April 28, 2007 at 10:38 PM

The Digital Assclown Brigade (Korean division) has pushed Rain to #1 as of 2 May. Let the cultural masturbation--oh...sorry...um..."We're Number 1" articles begin!

Posted by: Kkachi | May 02, 2007 at 02:16 AM

Rain doesn't have full eyebrows

Posted by: hardyandtiny | May 02, 2007 at 05:06 AM

Rain says he's not even included in the final list, because he was only invited as an alumnus and not as an awardee.

Anyway, it wasn't just Korea voting, it was the whole of Rain's fanbase voting a hundred thousand times a day. I'm talking large-scale here: Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. It's all over the comments page; only a small percentage of those who participate in this ridiculous poll is from Korea, mostly are from all over the world. Quite pathetic, yes, but these boppers have so much time in their hands they don't know what to do with it.

Time should have never introduced the poll in the first place. Fans go crazy when they think their idols have to be number one. Rain's fans are scarier. It's amazing how they can all unite from different places to get him to the top. And although there could be cheating involved (ie rating other people 0), fans of other candidates undoubtedly did it to the others in the list at one time or another.

And by the way, Korea is not the only one saying 'Rain Number One' here. Articles of Miyamoto in the top 5 also run out and about in Japanese newspapers. Steve Jobs leading the race was also featured in a business magazine.

Posted by: Mister | May 02, 2007 at 05:24 AM

I hear that this rain guy is "bi". whatever. anyway, I hope rain gets top votes for everything. Dumb koreans.

Posted by: NorhKorean | May 04, 2007 at 05:27 AM

It's all pretty funny. Rain, the worlds #1 most influential person. Haha.. btw man, you dont need an apostrophe when you write "10s" or "Thais". It really killed your article for me. ^^

Posted by: Qinella | May 05, 2007 at 11:37 AM

The offending little monster's we're taken out. Thank's for the head's up. And rest assured, no error's in you're comment had any adverse affects on me.

Posted by: partypooper | May 06, 2007 at 04:22 AM

Hey guys, leave Ji-Hoon alone will you! I'd just like to bend him over and roger him senseless and what's wrong with that? He's got that kind of talent........

Posted by: Leone | May 06, 2007 at 05:50 AM

I love how it says his albums have "topped the charts in Japan" when they struggle even to make it into the top 20

Posted by: Angel Wings | May 06, 2007 at 08:29 AM

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rain: The Light Drizzle Tour


Time Magazine is currently conducting an Internet poll to let the people decide who is the most influential person in the world. Naturally, Rain is in the lead, proving once again his amazing global domination.

As of 10:20 AM (Corea Time), Rain had 57,290 votes. Apparently Thai netizens have been alerted about the poll as well, as that Giant of Global Affairs Bhumibol Adulyadej is vying for the lead. He was leading Rain at 9 AM, but the Korean Netizens have dutifully responded. For you ignoramuses (ignorami? can I get a spellcheck here?) who do not know who Bhumibol is (or 'Bhumiboy', as he is affectionately called by sarcastic expats in Thailand), he is the king of Thailand. In his write up on the Time site, you find this little blurb:

"Not much known or thought about outside Thailand. But inside Thailand
it remains a crime to insult or merely criticize him in any way."

Now that's not true! There are 10's of thousands of Thais outside of Thailand who occasionally think about him.

The poll has a column for 'total votes' and another for 'ranking'. They kindly, yet vaguely, explain how the rating system works:

The Average Rating is the mean of all Influence Meter submission for
a candidate and Total Votes represent the number of people that have
voted for each candidate.

Probably what is going on is that Korean and Thai netizens are repeatedly giving their boy 100% ratings and then giving his closest opponent 0% ratings. Since it is illegal to criticize the King of Thailand, I hope the proper authorities are tracking everyone who gives the Beloved King a score less than 90% and arrests them the moment they set foot in Thailand. Then naturally they should be brutally tortured in prison (I'd say 1 week for every percentile point below 90% that the voters gave him would be about right).

The Korea media has already jumped on the story. The headline of this piece reads, rather prematurely, "Singer Rain Selected First Place by Time Magazine". The first sentence reads, "Who is more famous, the singer Rain or Bill Gates?" It goes on to list all the big names around the world that Rain is 'more famous' than according to this highly scientific poll. I don't think they understand that the vote is ongoing and has clearly just turned into a competition between nationalistic robots submitting vote after vote for the representative of their country, but have these kinds of little technicalities ever stopped the Korea media before?

Update 2:

At 10:40 we have some dramatic changes in this very important poll!

Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central fame is now #1! Rowlings comes in at #2, the Boomdi-boomdi-boy of Thailand is at #3, and Rain has fallen to #4. What the fuck is wrong with you Korean netizens? Are you really going to let an American take the number one spot? Stop playing Starcraft and vote, damnit!

More updates to come. Stay tuned!

Update #3
I have officially quit my job in order to better stay on top of this very important event and spend every minute voting for Andy Samberg (of Lazy Sunday and  'Dick in a Box' fame, I'd say the latter alone has had slightly more influence on the world than Rain). My 200 votes (and counting!) have got him into the top 40.  I will continue to give updates every hour on the hour.

At precisely 11 AM J.K. Rowlings has taken the top place with a mere 19,000+ votes. BhoomerBoy is at #2 with 62,000 votes and Pee is at 3rd place with 60,000 votes.

This really isn't right. Rowlings has the unfair advantage of actually being known outside of her country. Once again, the Wicked West is setting up poor Corea for failure with this very undemocratic system of rating.

Why? WHY?!!!!

Update 4
Bhumbully is pulling away with the lead, now at over 67,000 votes. Can there really be another country that is even more insecure and nationalistic than Corea, or is this just a fluke?

Sydney Crosby is at #6 with about 6000 votes.

Yeah, I had never heard of him before either. I guess he is Canada's representive in this poll, which I suppose I should know because according to hundreds of angry kyopo girls I am a Canadian English teacher of children in Korea. Now that I just quit my job, I'll have a lot more time to teach illegal private English lessons, pick up Korean girls in bars, criticize everything American and smoke pot, like all my other Canadian brethren here.

Update 5

Sorry about missing the last two updates. A friend of mine just in from Vancouver had some really good BC Hydro. We lit it up a few hours ago and I totally spaced on this. I'll be sure to hit that again before my privates tonight; I've got to teach/entertain 2 middle school kids who despise studying English and I just couldn't make it through that if all my senses were intact.

Anyway, what the
hell was this post about again? Oh yeah, the online poll thingy. Well,
the Once and Future Nerd King of Thailand is really running away with
this thing. He's got over 80,000 votes, about 15,000 over Rain. I guess these Thai kids just want it more. They remind me of Korea about  back in 2002. Either Korea's going soft or Rain is just too lame to motivate the masses to vote.

Or maybe this is part of that backlash we've all been waiting for over the Cho massacre. Yeah, I like that theory. Maybe it's just the hydro talking, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Update 6:

Oh my fucking heck! A shocking turn of events in the poll. This is clearly becoming the biggest  second biggest story of this month. It deserves its own post.

Make it so...

Original highly popular post

Yet another article on Rain from the Chosun Ilbo (also commonly known in certain scholarly circles as the Chosun Dildo, due to its ability to self-stimulate feel-good nationalism like no other rag in Korea, though the good people at Chosun prefer to be referred to as "the Fox News of Korea").


Photo: Rain, sporting his new 'effeminate-nerd' look sure to drive all the Sheilas Down Under wild.

The article in its entirety, with the occasional comment here and there in bold.

The Stamford Plaza Hotel in Sydney on Wednesday was bustling with about
100 reporters and photographers from all over Asia and Australia. [with the total number of non-Asians estimated nearly in the double digits] They
were there for a press conference with Rain who had arrived a few days
ahead of his Saturday concert, his first show in Australia and part of
his "Rain's Coming" world tour.

Journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC TV, Rueters TV and
other local and international news outlets turned their attention to
the Korean pop singer who is rapidly becoming a global star. [actual statistics proving this to come later, I'm sure. Maybe much later. Until then...just believe...]

Rain, in both one-on-one morning interviews and at the press
conference, talked confidently about his feelings preparing for the
show, the results of the tour so far and his future plans.

Rain arrived in Australia on Tuesday to find a crowd of 150 fans
waiting for him at Sydney Airport. [Too bad they don't have a picture of that massive swell so we could see what Koreans living in Australia look like. If any of you have trouble trying to picture a crowd of 150, just recall the crowd of people waiting in Arrivals the last time you flew on a plane and add about 10 people to that.] Despite a hiccup in the tour date --
the concert was postponed a week because of a venue change [the original venue decided it would be more profitable to go with the All Stars of Polka World Tour] -- ticket
sales have been going well. [No, there are no figures to back up that claim, but rest assured if it had sold out then that information would have been included in the headline of this piece]. Even the Easter holidays didn't slow down
the weekend bookings. [Not that it should make any difference anyway, but hey, you try to come up with a better spin if you think it's so easy]

Rain will take to the stage on Saturday at Acer Arena, where
other top international acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and
Beyonce Knowles have performed. [Which obviously means Rain is on an equal footing with such acts. Simple logic, that. On a completely unrelated subject, by the way, I once participated in a local basketball tournament back in the States and we played the final games in an arena where NBA teams used to play regularly. So basically there isn't much difference between me and the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.]

Be sure to keep reading the Chosun Ilbo for more '비 on their Backs and Tell 'em It's Raining' articles.

Comments on original post

Oh, c'mon, no comments on this yet!? Then I'll just post a quick note to say that I found this post up to your usual high standards.

I'd like to find an official count on the number of products that this effeminate nerd endorses.

By the way, have you seen the "Not You Again: Do You Endorse Everything?" stickers around Seoul? I may know where you can get some, if you are interested.

Posted by: Whitey | April 20, 2007 at 07:30 AM

OK here's a comment: "Pi" is a talentless little girlieman.

Posted by: Ultralarge Octopus | April 23, 2007 at 03:37 AM

being a rain fan myself i shouldn't be happy about your post, but... hehehe... i have to admit, it's hilarious :)

Posted by: m | April 27, 2007 at 11:09 PM

Nice to see the occaisonal K-pop fan with a sense of humor.

Posted by: partypooper | April 28, 2007 at 02:08 AM

King of thailand sucks donkey cock.

Posted by: thai | May 04, 2007 at 05:34 AM


Posted by: acomplia rimonabant | August 07, 2007 at 06:35 AM

This photo of Rain isn't doing much to dispel my suspicion that Rain is a retard.

Posted by: Brendon Carr | August 12, 2007 at 06:10 AM

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Photo Fun, Spring 2007

Kept these photos for a while waiting for a good chance to use them. But methinks now's the time just to clear out out my picture file. I hope you find them as sparkling as I have.


The Party Pooper heartily endorses any English language product touted by either of these language education whor professionals.
Learn English AND laugh at silly foreigners at the same time; what could be better?

Isaac Durst, bold pioneer in the field of edutainment, has a new book out which is sure to be super good. I hear it has lots of pictures of him in gorilla suits and whatnot, so you know a whole lotta good learnin's goin' on here. So funny!

Robert has an even more super program that promises students will speak English as well as Robert speaks Korean in only 90 days (Yes, he's fluent). The secret is to have students memorize 1000+ English sentences. Who'd uv thunk it?!  Simply amazing! He's been running this scam program for several years now; I'm sure you all have run into the thousands of his satisfied customers who now speaking English so good.


I was surprised that this photo didn't get more coverage in the press. It may appear that George is taking advantage of Jong-il, but I think it's clear that Jong-il is loving every minute of it. You have to understand that it's Korean culture not to appear to be giving it away too easily.

Update: I have just received word that this image might not be authentic. I'll look into it.


This is a picture I took recently that I brought to my photography class for peer review. Generally the feedback was good: lighting was appropriate, the main object was slightly off center, and the general ambiance and mood of the event was well captured. My instructor still thinks I have a long way to go, but he says my work shows substantial progress in comparison to my bukkake photos from last week.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dog Meat: Fact from Fiction (or, How Would you Like your Dog Penis?

It's been a while since Oriental medicine got a good pooping upon.

An article at the Joongang daily (hat tip to fellow dog-eater Marmot). Is dog meat more healthy than other meat? Does it really cool your body in the summer? Does it really make your weener sit up and beg for biscuits?

Two 'experts,' one an Oriental medicine doctor and the other some far less entertaining person who actually knows something about human physiology, tackle this controversial issue.

Some portions of the article along with a snarky comment or two.

Professor Ann Yong-geun of Chungcheong University waded into the controversy last month when he said that there is a nutritious property of dog meat that cannot be proven by Western medical science.

Cannot be proven by 'Western medical science.' Of course, this means the empirical method. What exactly, good professor, is the 'non-Western' way to prove something? Proof based on blind faith in superstition? Proof based on anecdotal evidence (which of course, could simultaneously prove and disprove every theory ever produced)? Proof based on how good a theory sounds after the 3rd bottle of soju?

He said in a CBS radio program that although dog meat has less protein and fewer minerals than pork, chicken or beef, eating dishes like gaejangguk and boshintang (dog stew) mysteriously allow more energy to enter the body.

Dog meat has less protein and fewer minerals than other meat, yet somehow it gives people more energy! What a mystery! And how do we know it gives us more energy? That's yet another mystery! Don't try to prove it by your silly Western tests. Obviously physiological tests can't show it! Just believe!

But what if we take three groups of people and put them on a diet identical in every way except one group gets a dog meat supplement, the other chicken, and the other tofu. Prepare the dish in a way that it is very difficult to detect a difference in taste (perhaps just tell them the dog meat is really ostrich meat, or some other meat they probably haven't tried). Then allow them to self-report their energy levels.

If that kind of study came up with consistent results in favor of dog meat, perhaps then we would have proof of this extra energy?

But no! That is yet another 'Western' way of trying to prove something. Dog meat is so beyond that! Even though the people who eat dog meat might not feel or realize they have more energy, and no other test can physically show it, they DO have more energy! What a big ass muther-fucking mystery it is!

Perhaps the good people of Chungcheong university might want to check this guy's diplomas.

Drawing on folklore, others say that dog meat is good for stamina, the liver and the stomach, as mentioned in the Donguibogam, a medical text written by the physician Heo Jun in the Joseon Dynasty.

In unrelated news, Koreans are much more likely to get stomach and liver cancer compared to other races but I digress...

To sort out fact from fiction Bai Young-hee, a food and nutrition professor from Osan College, and Joo Jeong-ju, an Oriental herbal doctor, agreed to analyze the claims behind Korea's dog-eating customs.

Excellent! Please enlighten us, oh mighty sages!

Why is dog meat recommended during summer?

Joo: In traditional herbal medicine, people have four types of temperaments: han, naeng, on and yeol. Han is the coldest and yeol, the hottest.
Our ancestors ate food that best suited their temperament or nature and their environment. Ancient Koreans would categorize the temperament of grain, for example, depending on when it is harvested and what kind of soil or climate it was grown in. Barley is grown during fall and winter, so it would be categorized as having a cool temperament.

Our ancestors believed dog meat has a warm temperament. The blood circulates within the body and during the summer, most body heat gravitates to the outer layer of the body. This makes the body core cool and reduces stamina. Ancestors believed that dog meat warms the inside of the stomach, restoring strength.

Did you get all that? The han and the yeol? The part about body heat gravitating and such? Warming of stomachs? Make sense to you?

To date, of all that Joo just spewed out about eating dog meat in the summer, "the blood circulates within the body" is the only thing thus far proven by Western science.

Can Osan University professor Bai Young-hee possibly top that answer?

Why is dog meat recommended during summer?
It is a tradition. Some people say that eating dog meat actually prevents sweating because dogs themselves don’t sweat through their skin but through their tongues. In reality there is very little difference between the temperature of the stomach in the winter and that found in the summer.

That's it? Come on Prof Bai, can't you do better than just spout out facts? Where's the entertainment value in that?

Interesting that some people believe that because dogs don't sweat, eating dog meat will likewise prevent you from sweating. By a similar line of reasoning, could we not conclude that since dogs can lick their own balls, eating dog meat would bestow this ability as well? Has anyone out there experimented with this and would like to share? Of course, we won't ask you to prove it because it is probably unprovable anyway (and I think I'd rather not see it anyway, thank you).

Let's continue learning! My comments are included within the text.

How nutritious is dog meat?

Joo: In Oriental medicine we say it'€™s nutritious for those who lack heat in their body
[that would be called 'clinically dead', in Western terminology]. In the past, dog meat was used as a medical treatment and not a delicacy. Ancestors believed that dog meat protects the body as a whole. In fact, many animals including goats, pigs, sparrows and crows were all used in Oriental remedies. It is hard to say which part of the dog is most nutritious or best for the body, [yeah, really hard for someone who doesn't even know the fundamentals of human physiology] although in olden times this claim was made for the genitalia. It is not a matter of how much protein or fat dog meat contains [like they would even know that anyway],ۥ Oriental medicine is based on ancestors'۪ observations and experiences in nature. [not to mention more than a little credulity, see here for more information on the wonderful phenomenon which is Oriental medicine]

I see, so your answer to that question is...what? This kind of answer makes me very curious as to exactly what Oriental 'doctors' actually study in school.

Bai: One hundred grams of raw dog meat contains 60.1 percent water, 19 grams of protein, 20.2 grams of fat and 44.4 milligrams of cholesterol. It also contains vitamins, potassium, ash, phosphorous, iron and sodium. Compared to other meats or ingredients, dog meat has less cholesterol. There are 1,280 milligrams of cholesterol in an egg yolk, 82.4 in tuna and 65.2 in pork. Compared to beef, pork and chicken, dog meat is not high in protein. But it is true that its amino acid content is superior to other meats.

Thank you for answering the question, Professor Bai. Nice to know you actually did more for your study than just sit around drinking dong-dong ju talking about meta-physical mysteries.

Is dog meat really good for stamina?

Joo: Yes, it is, especially gaesoju, or dog wine. Gaesoju is a fermented drink that is distilled by cooking the dog in a double boiler. Moreover, our ancestors used the dog's penis in the gaesoju and as a medicine to supplement energy. But I repeat, most treatments of Oriental medicine were derived from nature and people's experience.

Bonus points to the Jooster for saying the word 'penis.'

Some Questions:

  • Is the dog penis placed in the bottle of soju much like the worm can be found at the bottom of a bottle of tequilla?
  • Would a true man swallow the penis?
  • Does this dog penis medicine have to be taken orally, or are there other methods (which are probably illegal in most countries)?
  • How do you prefer your man to take his dog penis medicine, and do you find it stimulating to watch?


Photo Caption: "No, no! I said I wanted my dog well hung!"

Same question to you, Professor Bai (same original question about dog food being good for stamina, that is, you don't have to answer the other questions about dog penis treatments, unless you want to, that is).

Bai: All the ingredients of gaesoju are healthy to some extent. But the influence differs from person to person. For some, dog meat is good for stamina or post-operative recovery. Depending on an individual's body structure, it can supplement nutrition.

Effects vary from person to person...it works for some, not for others...no research studies mentioned to support any of this...

Or to put it another way, dog penis soju can be as good as any other placebo that is out there on the market.

Dog meat eaters say it is easy to digest.

Joo: According to Oriental medicine, dogs and chickens both have a warm temperament. Pork is cool and beef is both. Beef is good for all types of people but it cannot be used as a medical treatment because it does not balance warm or cold. On the other hand, dog meat is used to supplement body warmth. For example, for those who have a stomach disorder, gaesoju is recommended to balance their circulation and to help build up the digestive system.

Bai: Boiled dog meat is similar to beef but softer, making it easy to digest. This is why people in their 50s and 60s prefer eating the dish to beef.

Once again, same planet, different worlds. I don't think Joo even understood the question.

Would you recommend dog meat for the body's nutritional balance?

Joo: Personally, I don't recommend dog meat or gaesoju to my patients. I have religious reasons as well as spiritual reasons. I recognize dogs as pets that share emotions with people. They’re different from cows and pigs, which are domestic animals.

But from time to time, I do offer a gaesoju herb remedy to those who have really weak stomachs who cannot even digest thin gruel. Oriental medicine is an experience-oriented science. Believing is more important than asking why.

Joo, thank you for those last two sentences. That's a very good summary of your entire profession. I have nothing further to add.

Bai: Dog meat is not an essential food; we don't have to eat it in order to survive. In the past people believed they could benefit from eating dog meat. It is up to each individual whether or not to eat it. With changes in living patterns and eating habits, people suffer from different maladies. With such changes, concentrated treatments (Western medicine) are more effective than the so-called balanced ones used by Oriental medicine.

And a big thank you to you as well, Professor Bai, for at least implying one of the obvious truths that most Asians just don't want to face.

And to all you followers of the Oriental medicine religion, may you enjoy the penises of many a dog this summer.

And now some random puppy photo fun!

Now this is what I'm talking about!



Yay! Master is taking us out for a drive in the country!


An ad by a vegetarian group trying to convince people not to eat meat. I understand it didn't have quite the intended effect on Koreans and Chinese. Or expats in Korea named Robert, for that matter.

Idiots. Nobody eats dog with a knife and fork.


This is 'Mary' (the dog, that is). She was rescued from a dog farm by Sun-an (read the moving story here).

You may have won this round, 'Mary', but Sun-an can't be watching you all the time...

Revenant Dog: It has returned from the dead seeking vengeance on all eaters of dogs.

This legend scares the shit out of every Korean and Chinese man alive.

Damn, that picture is the scariest thing I've seen all week.

Check that. This video the Iceberg links here is the scariest thing I've seen all week.