Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kwangju Remembered

It's Gwangju Day. If you are looking for serious commentary, try the Flying Yangban, Kotagi and Marmot links on your right. If you are looking for comedy, check out Dog Stew (this day is like Christmas for his kind).

It's a highly controversial issue, one far too complex for me to understand what was the right course of action for those involved to take. So as usual I'll just let my Korean Progressive Leaders do my thinking for me. Here's what our beloved former Unification Minister
Jeong Se Hyun said in his own words on a related topic:

"...political freedom is a luxury, like pearls for a
pig. The improvement of economic conditions ... is the most important issue right now."

"Once the economic situation is
improved, then ... focus on human rights."

Timeless wisdom. If it is true today, I'm sure we would all agree that it was true back in 1980.