Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yu-na, Yuna, 김유나, and whatever else I can cram into this title to get more hits from searches on Naver

A lengthy post on women's figure skating?

Dude...come on. Next you'll be ranting and raving over 'Forever the Moment', the true story of the Korean women's handball team's performance in the 2004 Olympics.

Guys just can't get excited about women's sports. It's not that we consciously try not to, it's just that we are genetically predisposed to not care. Seriously, what guy has ever watched a complete women's NBA game (and not just because you were doing it for a girl you hadn't slept with yet)? What guy has ever scheduled his weekend around the TV broadcast of an LPGA tournament? It just can't happen.

Speaking of Yu-na, she's now done a total of 1,457 commercials. You can't sit through a commercial break of any TV show on Korean TV without seeing at least 7 of them. Most just show her skating gracefully around the rink with quick shots of whatever product is being foisted on the Korean public, and that's fine. Athletes of all nations have always been happy to whore themselves out to whatever corporation is willing to shovel tons of cash their way. But can I suggest to whomever is managing Yu-na that they politely tell companies to fuck off if they want her to do something in the commercial which makes her look like a silly clown? Korea already has hundreds of gay boy band members who have that covered.

Happy Darwin Day

And of course, in the interest of balance, here's one for those open minded enough to look for alternative views of the major science topics of the day.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dokdo update

It seems that Korea's campaign to promote Dokdo's absolute Coreanness has finally gotten global attention. Here's a picture of a bus I saw in England last week.

I am too pissed off for words.