Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yu-na, Yuna, 김유나, and whatever else I can cram into this title to get more hits from searches on Naver

A lengthy post on women's figure skating?

Dude...come on. Next you'll be ranting and raving over 'Forever the Moment', the true story of the Korean women's handball team's performance in the 2004 Olympics.

Guys just can't get excited about women's sports. It's not that we consciously try not to, it's just that we are genetically predisposed to not care. Seriously, what guy has ever watched a complete women's NBA game (and not just because you were doing it for a girl you hadn't slept with yet)? What guy has ever scheduled his weekend around the TV broadcast of an LPGA tournament? It just can't happen.

Speaking of Yu-na, she's now done a total of 1,457 commercials. You can't sit through a commercial break of any TV show on Korean TV without seeing at least 7 of them. Most just show her skating gracefully around the rink with quick shots of whatever product is being foisted on the Korean public, and that's fine. Athletes of all nations have always been happy to whore themselves out to whatever corporation is willing to shovel tons of cash their way. But can I suggest to whomever is managing Yu-na that they politely tell companies to fuck off if they want her to do something in the commercial which makes her look like a silly clown? Korea already has hundreds of gay boy band members who have that covered.


Kevin Kim said...

Maybe you can fill me in on the reasons for the weird romanization of the skater's name, which appears to be "김연아" in Hangeul. Shouldn't she be "Yeon-ah" in romaja?

(NB: I'd shy away from "Yeon A" because some folks might pronounce the "A" as "ay," in the tradition of Koreans who romanize the surname "Gyu" simply as the letter Q. No bullshit-- I've seen this, and you probably have, too.)

By the way, go easy on Rob, man. There's nothing wrong with admiring the female form. I loved female figure skaters as a kid because they were always exposing their undies. Every time those little skirts flipped up... magic! I'm older now, and I keep hoping for nude figure skating. (Females only, please. The last thing we need is a bunch of scrote-flappage on TV.)


Party Pooper said...

Saw her name romanized as 'Yu-na' and made the assumption that it would correspond with 유나. As you might guess from the post, I'm not ashamed of my ignorance of the correct name of a female athlete.

Admiring the female form is, of course, hardwired into our brains and for this reason I can make an exception for Korean women's volleyball and racing car model billiards, but not for an underage figure skater.

As for going easy on Rob, the man is a rock. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will bring down his happy demeanor. The Power of Christ compels him, and no amount of wailing or gnashing of teeth from a bitter atheist like me can affect him.

Kevin Kim said...

Is she underage? I haven't really paid attention to the news about her, but I saw a couple blog posts that dealt with her, which is how I knew the Hangeul spelling of her name. A lot of sources are mis-romanizing her name as "Yu-na" for some reason, so you're not to blame for thinking her name was written that way.

Yeah, Rob is cheerful, for sure, but I'm guessing he's more emotionally resilient than poor Shawn, whose relentless gaiety and optimism I bought into without a second thought. I found Shawn's general lack of cynicism and bitterness refreshing, so it was a genuine shock when the news about him came out of China. Rob doesn't strike me as someone who would ever follow that path, which is a strike in his favor.

(And since I know Rob floats by this blog and reads the comments, I'm hoping he returns the compliment by whispering to Jesus that I want a heavenly harem with 72 porn stars, not 72 virgins.)


Roboseyo said...

PP: 1. the hit whoring worked. Traffic was up about 15% this month.

2. It should be Yeon-ah, but apparently the Figure Skating mucky-mucks and TV Stations have started spelling it Yu-na or Yuna at the bottoms of their screens. There's even an article in the Vancouver Sun about how she should be named.

1. go easy on me? I consider being mocked by The Party Pooper a sign that I have finally, truly arrived on the K-blog scene!

2. With Kim yu-na it's not even about the female form. . . I prefer female forms that are uh...formed more...female-ly...than underage figure skaters can manage. more like this, but less annoying. Yuna's skate was just flawless, and as an aesthete, things done perfectly make me happy. I posted it in the same way I once posted a shot by Tiger Woods that made me shake my head:

3. I'll ask that your 72 pornstars all be graduates of the Vatsyayana Tantric School of Love...but I have to warn you about making direct requests like that -- the Hep Cat Upstairs has a sense of irony not to be screwed with.

Brian said...

Rob, I'm still the king of whoring traffic. You ain't got shit on me. And yeah, like Kevin said, I hope you don't ever kill yourself in a foreign country. That'd, like, suck.

You know, I had never even thought about the Korean spelling of her name. I had just assumed it was 유나. Another case of Romanization failing Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Half of those commercials are the commercials themselves, and the other half are the "making of" those commercials.
And she sings too!

Roboseyo said...

"like Kevin said, I hope you don't ever kill yourself in a foreign country. That'd, like, suck."

Aww, thanks, Brian!

You're so nice to me.

(word verification: tryman. no joke.)