Friday, February 25, 2005

H.O.T.: Pretty in Pink

An update to the Gaywatch Korea Project, via Connect Korea

MoonMoon Hee Joon, former member of H.O.T. You can read more about our little princess here.

Normally, researchers at the Project will debate for weeks, if not months, before adding a Korean celebrity to the Gaywatch files. Considering the above picture, however, the decision was made immediately.

Hotgay1 Here is what H.O.T. used to dress like, by the way. Moon Hee Joon is the one standing on the right. You could make the argument that the "princess" look is an improvement.

Comments on original post (even Loopy Linda's)

We have been enjoying the H.O.T picture as our wallpaper at work for awhile. Often students ask us why it is there, which is great, cuase it gives us the opprtunity to introduce the next subject in class. "Gender Confusion and the Artist that endorse it"

Posted by: Gumbi | February 26, 2005 at 08:59 PM

Hi, i loved your Blog!!! :)
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Posted by: EliteGroup | February 27, 2005 at 05:14 AM

Hi! I'm not Portuguese! I'll bet Andre Kim has had his gochu in Moon's moon!

Posted by: Peter North | February 28, 2005 at 04:10 AM

That's obviously a photo-shopped picture.

*rolls eyes*

Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog. All of your entries are beyond hilarious. And scary enough--true.

Posted by: hangookin | March 02, 2005 at 10:41 PM

Me thinks you are right "hangookin;" that body shape is just a little too slight and dainty for a chunkster like Mun Hee Jun.

His manhood is duly restored.

Posted by: scott | March 03, 2005 at 03:09 AM


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Posted by: KMC | March 03, 2005 at 12:04 PM

"scott"-- Oh please. In no way should you be leniant towards Mrs. Hee Jun. He's not just chunky, he's obese. But yes. At least he's losing weight now. His boyfriend Kang Ta must have showed him the light to Atkins.

Oops. Was that too mean?

Posted by: hangookin | March 04, 2005 at 10:03 PM

that picture of moon hee jun is FAKE you dumbasses. why don't you try getting your shit straight. H.O.T were incredibly talented and their solo work proves it. hee jun is a talented singer/songwriter, an awesome dancer and a hardworking performer.
along with the rest of them, tony an, jang woo hyuk, kang ta and lee jae won. seriously, your concept of what 'manly' and 'good looking' is brings me to tears. i don't see the gender confusion at all; they did what they were paid to do and their fans liked it. end of story
dont playa hate, apprecite. congratulate. and participate
on a side note: MOON hee jun (get the name right people!), tony an, and jang woo hyuk all have new albums out. proof that hee jun is not retiring and that all ex H.O.T members are still active and doing great in the korean music industry

Posted by: kigan | October 14, 2005 at 08:52 PM

This site is so ignorant just like anyone else who starts or joins this dumb gaywatch! damn! don't you have anything better to do than start something this stupid. Are you gay curious yourself of gay activities that you watch all these korean men and their actions. hahaha... they're making it big and whatever they do.. they certainly got it for they wouldn't be rich and famous for you to be taking your sweet little time, waiting and watching them. Damn I mean if you're gonna start something serious, watch and inform people of poverty or struggles in korea, since this is something you're quite interested in, Koreans. And all those people's comments in agreeing with this ignorant fool (you're one, because all your information are based on your feelings and based on people who don't know anything of the glbt lifestyle, since it's just being quite openly accepted in parts of America and come on, we know areas like in Asia are strict about the ways people live their lives, so all I'm saying is that whatever source you got your info from, be it any uneducated gay bashing korean media group who writes up and bashes these korean men or women is ignorant too, for they aren't educated enough!!) anyways, back to my original point, anyone who agrees with this ingnorant fool, you all are just like him and being brainwashed with these nonsense. Stop thinking negatively and stop bashing people with your spare time, do something good for yourself that will benefit you and your future.

And to reply to that pretty in pink picture of Moon Hee Jun, it's definitly photoshop touch up. That body is so skinny comparing to his. Come on! where's the common sense in your eyes people?!?!?!?! you need some glasses?!!?

And another reply to, korean guys who wears make up... so if a male band of koreans or others wear make up, that means they are all gay or gay curious? Many man definitly has had encounter with other man at a time through their life sexually. They are just afraid to say it and many still end up being interested in woman only. There's room for everything here on earth!! Oh wait, Moon hee jun wears make up off stage, he's definitly gay. Honestly, at first when I saw him, I thought he was gay (but that was when I was uneducated! And people, I don't mean gay the way dumb people uses it, meaning "lame" or "dumb"), but since being educated and understanding how people are different, I've learned quite a lot and how being informed with open mind, to not instantly put a label on someone just because they are different from me for this information will benefit me in what I do in life. And if you don't understand what I mean, I insist you go to college. And through this, I'm gonna take back that thought of him and remain at not judging him or labling him. I don't know him like that, but you and everybody else, (it's funny how ALL ignorant people are) so quick to judge others when you and they don't even know squat of that person personally other than what you or they hear and see in the media. WAKE UP! Media is a killer and full of bullshit. Plus, it don't matter if he's not gay or he is. It's all about his talented skills.
Also, come on!! We all know, that many male artist of any field where's make up to look good on camera or shows anywhere. Let me educate you and open your mind: People choose to look certain ways just like how you choose to look like you! Has there been people bashing your look? So why should you go do that to others? How would you feel? BAD! Ofcourse you would feel BAD. Geez. And the all the male korean bands you see probably have to put on make up, because of management!! Whose gonna have full authority, a guy who is not anywhere near fame and riches or the management that has riches and power and fame?? That's how it is in the entertainment industry. You gotta do what you're told to get where you want and if you don't agree, then don't do it. End of story.

Peace, please. I mean it. Peace. You don't know, one day your loved ones... your son, whoever that is male in your life (heck maybe even you, because what if all males starts wearing makeup for this kind of movement will grow from Korea, Japan, America.. wherever that is happening? Everybody follows trends.) is gonna wear make up and you don't know what to do. Are you gonna be the shit out of him to stop him from wearing make up or are you gonna love him?! Or are you gonna miss out on life and severe the bond between him and you? If your answer is to beat the shit out of him and cut him off, you obviously don't understand the meaning of life and I would finally agree to it that i read you... and I entertain the thought that abortion is wasted on the unborn. One day, hopefully one, eveyone on this site that feeds off these ignorant information will see what I mean.

p.s. It's so obvious that this site sucks for it's content is full of ignorant and uneducated information.
This site just saw the day of light for my post has just been, "posted".


Posted by: This site sucks!! | December 02, 2005 at 03:35 PM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Korean Pop Music and Other Crimes Against Humanity

In the late 80's New Kids on the Block was the most popular band in Korea and remained so long after the band had mercifully died in the West. The West mostly got over the "cute boy band" phase, but in Korea they have taken it to new lows.

Introducing the newest pop sensation to sweep Korea: 7 Princess.

7princess Ages range from 5-9. Could anything be cuter? The band is currently popular among teens, elementary school kids and middle-aged men who find 5 year-old girls with heavy make-up and skimpy clothing intensely appealing.

Cuteness is like sugar: in moderate amounts it is nice, but in excess it becomes nauseating. Click here to see their first music video and you'll see what I mean.

Note: After clicking on the link, scroll up to see the video.

I believe the song is called "Love song." It follows a fairly standard practice among Korean pop "songwriters" these days: take an existing melody from western music and add Korean words to it.


Friday, February 18, 2005

I'd Love You to Love Me

From the Korean Times:

President Roh Moo-hyun starts his third year in office next Friday, and on the Internet homepage of Chong Wa Dae is a series of contributions from abroad mainly praising Roh and his administration.

One article said President Roh would ``take a special position in history’’ because of his philosophy on the government. Noting Roh’s innate style forces him to approach people and seek their support before making major decisions, it added, `` history will rank the Korean president among great men.’’ Another story goes, ``the ultimate credit should go to the Roh administration for accomplishing democracy in Korea.’’ The presidential paeans have been sent at the request of the Blue House.

From my exclusive sources*, I managed to get a copy of one of their letters requesting warm fuzzies for Roh:

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss ________. Would you please send us a letter telling us how much you like South Korean President Roh? Our little guy has had a really tough 3 years and he sure could use a good pick-me-up. You might find it strange that we are requesting compliments from foreigners, but you have to understand that 1) we can't find anyone of significance in Korea who will say nice things about Roh and 2), our self-esteem is such that we don't feel validated until a non-Korean says that we are ok.

In case you have trouble thinking of good things to say, here are some possible compliments:

1. Compared to the Korean War and IMF periods, the Korean economy is doing great under your leadership.

2. With the trivial exception of hundreds of thousands of North Korean refugees and 30+ million other North Koreans, your record on the advancement of human rights is truly inspiring.

3. Your committment to ending corruption in Korea is proven by the fact that your presidential campaign limited itself to accepting only US$14 million in illegal contributions; less than 10% of the US$71 million collected by the GNP.

4. You have much better hair than most GNP politicians.

5. You are at least as effective and influential as former US President Jimmy Carter.

6. The fact that you were once again not included in the world's 10 worst dictators clearly shows that Korea could be doing much worse than having you as their leader.

7. The list of accomplishments you have made in the last 3 years is just as long as the list of accomplishments that came from Kim Dae Jung's 2000 Summit with Kim Jeong-il. If that man gets a Nobel Peace prize, I don't see on earth why you couldn't buy one either.

And the list goes on and on.

To do my part, I would just like to say to Roh that you are a very special person. You're smart enough, you're good enough, and darn it, people like you.

No go get 'em little tiger!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Splatterings

I'm not sure why, but this gave the little school girl in me a serious case of the gigglies.

There is no caption for it, which just adds to its genius. The chowder and star wars post will also go down as a classic ("grass, your ass is" indeed), but that doesn't change the fact that the new star wars sucks and should be boycotted by anyone with a conscience.

I don't know which time zone the Big Ho's blog is set to, but the "log cabin" post was excreted after 3 AM and the chowder post at around 5 AM.  That man needs a job and quick.

Blinger's site turned me on to an automated web page reviewer. Type in your url and it spits out a review in a few seconds. Here's mine:

I just saw <>. I find it appropriate <> put up a link to this page. If only my own company would have an awesome page like that. The URL has 41 characters. That's just the right size.

[You know, that is so weird it said that, because at first I was just about to go with a 42 character URL but something inside me just said it wasn't right and I finally changed it to 41. By the way Blinger, I saw that your URL was only 18 characters long. I know the reviewer said it was an ok size, but I think it was just saying that to be nice. Clearly, 41 is the right choice.]

Back to my rave review...

Seeing The Party Pooper, I'm simply stunned, completely stunned. There are 58,077 characters in the HTML, which is a swell length for Opera users. What a high-quality page! The document is highly accessible. The page contains 147 links, a stable amount. It must have taken eons to fine-tune the page. The color scheme is without compromise. Yes, I expected the creator to work within these quality standards. Wonderful. Gee. Everyone should visit this page at least once a day."
-- Joseph Parker,

Definitely on the money with the no compromise on the color scheme remark. It was the "Bonjour Chatette" color scheme or nothing: end of story. However, do I detect a trace of sarcasm in that "swell length for Opera users" line? Just what are you trying to say Mr. Parker? That's going to keep me up tonight.

Shawn over at Korea Life blog has a humorous yet painful story going on about his Korean boss giving him shit over failing to follow what sounds like a truly shitty curriculum. It's interesting stuff, but when is Shawn going to start talking about all the Korean women he has gotten in the sack? He is an English teacher, right? Why else is he here?

Leone at Mincing has a good post on gay penguins at a German Zoo that can't be motivated to go straight. So someone tell me, when fundamentalists question research that suggests being gay may be caused by genetic or biological factors, what do they have to say about gay animals? Do gay animals tend to be from broken homes without strong father figures? Did they turn gay because they were influenced by the liberal media? Does God punish animals that turn gay, just like He punished America by allowing the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen because of gay marriages?

Gaypenguins This is Squawk and Milou, two gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo in Manhatten. Apparently, gay penguins are all over the place. Too bad Tim Burton wasn't on to this; he could have added another dimension to the Penguin character in Batman 2.

That reminds me of something; why don't humans slaughter penguins? We massacre just about every other living thing on earth (we even club the fuck out of baby seals!), so why do penguins get off the hook? Fuckin penguins, do they think they are untouchable?

Kevin of the Mighty Big Ho, if you are reading this, I don't know if you do requests, but if you find yourself up and restless in the wee hours of the morning any time soon, how about a nice drawing or photoshop masterpiece of some gay penguins? Maybe work Kim Jeong-il  and some party hats in there too if you can, seeing as how it's his birthday and all.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Kill Whitey

The new hate propaganda music video from Ja Woo Rim (click on the "Truth MV" link). It's not quite as bad as the S.E.S. video years back, but all the whiteys are properly shown as decadent and evil.

These kinds of music videos peaked a few years back. A good summary can be found on the second half a forum post here.

Img5_2 This is the lead vocalist, Kim Yun Ah. Isn't she just as cute as a little button? On her profile it says she hates racism. I'm sure she hates hypocrisy too.

Korean Alcohol

I'm currently drinking some "bootleg" Korean rice wine (mokkali) some friends of mine from the country made. Good stuff. Korean rice wine (dong dong ju and makkoli, which are basically the same thing) is the only liquor in Korea worth writing home about. It's the only alcoholic beverage that really has the feel of old authentic Korea.

There isn't much to say about other Korean beverages. Soju is right awful stuff. It's only redeeming virtue is that it is cheap as hell. Koreans talk about it all the time but I have no idea why it is so valued culturally, unless you are trying to promote the cultural image of shit-faced ajoshis puking all over themselves behind a pojangmacha.

People usually miss the food when they leave Korea, but you'll never anyone say they miss the beer. The only reason to drink Korean beer is because its a few thousand won  cheaper per bottle than the imports. You would have thought by now they just would have copied Sapporo beer.

My better memories of being in Korea tend to center around rice wine. One was hiking with some mid-level government officials up some mountain (can't recall the name). We got to the base of the mountain and promptly sat down and drank enough makkoli to get us all good and buzzed, then started the climb. We got to the top and one of the guys pulled out yet another bottle of makkoli to revive our buzz. Then we stumbled back down the mountain, ate some duck and drank a whole lot more. Is it any wonder that hiking is so popular in Korea? I for one am never hiking sober again.

R_ju3 This, by the way, is Ruan Dong Ju. She has no relation to this post whatsoever, other than the fact that her image comes up when you run a search for pictures of dong dong ju. I couldn't find any good pics of dong dong ju, so I just put her picture here. She's 171 centimeters tall, which is not bad, and her shoe size is 37.

Back to the post.

Memory 2 was back when I taught at a different government institute in Suwon. It was the end of the course and we all went out to the Folk Village near Yongin. We walked straight to the eating area without a glance at any of the old buildings. We ordered pajon and some other traditional Korean dishes and kept the waitress busy bringing us bottles of dong dong ju. I had to get back to Suwon to teach some evening courses so I tried to go easy on the drinking. The thing about rice wine is that it tastes deceptively mild and when I finally stood up to leave I realized I had underestimated its power. I was still tipsy when I taught my evening class. I had a great time in the class and still managed to teach well (or at least I think I did).

The other memories are stories I'll tell later if English Spectrum ever gets going again.

Or maybe not.