Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Splatterings

I'm not sure why, but this gave the little school girl in me a serious case of the gigglies.

There is no caption for it, which just adds to its genius. The chowder and star wars post will also go down as a classic ("grass, your ass is" indeed), but that doesn't change the fact that the new star wars sucks and should be boycotted by anyone with a conscience.

I don't know which time zone the Big Ho's blog is set to, but the "log cabin" post was excreted after 3 AM and the chowder post at around 5 AM.  That man needs a job and quick.

Blinger's site turned me on to an automated web page reviewer. Type in your url and it spits out a review in a few seconds. Here's mine:

I just saw <>. I find it appropriate <> put up a link to this page. If only my own company would have an awesome page like that. The URL has 41 characters. That's just the right size.

[You know, that is so weird it said that, because at first I was just about to go with a 42 character URL but something inside me just said it wasn't right and I finally changed it to 41. By the way Blinger, I saw that your URL was only 18 characters long. I know the reviewer said it was an ok size, but I think it was just saying that to be nice. Clearly, 41 is the right choice.]

Back to my rave review...

Seeing The Party Pooper, I'm simply stunned, completely stunned. There are 58,077 characters in the HTML, which is a swell length for Opera users. What a high-quality page! The document is highly accessible. The page contains 147 links, a stable amount. It must have taken eons to fine-tune the page. The color scheme is without compromise. Yes, I expected the creator to work within these quality standards. Wonderful. Gee. Everyone should visit this page at least once a day."
-- Joseph Parker,

Definitely on the money with the no compromise on the color scheme remark. It was the "Bonjour Chatette" color scheme or nothing: end of story. However, do I detect a trace of sarcasm in that "swell length for Opera users" line? Just what are you trying to say Mr. Parker? That's going to keep me up tonight.

Shawn over at Korea Life blog has a humorous yet painful story going on about his Korean boss giving him shit over failing to follow what sounds like a truly shitty curriculum. It's interesting stuff, but when is Shawn going to start talking about all the Korean women he has gotten in the sack? He is an English teacher, right? Why else is he here?

Leone at Mincing has a good post on gay penguins at a German Zoo that can't be motivated to go straight. So someone tell me, when fundamentalists question research that suggests being gay may be caused by genetic or biological factors, what do they have to say about gay animals? Do gay animals tend to be from broken homes without strong father figures? Did they turn gay because they were influenced by the liberal media? Does God punish animals that turn gay, just like He punished America by allowing the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen because of gay marriages?

Gaypenguins This is Squawk and Milou, two gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo in Manhatten. Apparently, gay penguins are all over the place. Too bad Tim Burton wasn't on to this; he could have added another dimension to the Penguin character in Batman 2.

That reminds me of something; why don't humans slaughter penguins? We massacre just about every other living thing on earth (we even club the fuck out of baby seals!), so why do penguins get off the hook? Fuckin penguins, do they think they are untouchable?

Kevin of the Mighty Big Ho, if you are reading this, I don't know if you do requests, but if you find yourself up and restless in the wee hours of the morning any time soon, how about a nice drawing or photoshop masterpiece of some gay penguins? Maybe work Kim Jeong-il  and some party hats in there too if you can, seeing as how it's his birthday and all.

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