Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Updates

A few updates just to let the world know that the poop goes on.

Michelle Wie Still Sucks

In the Samsung World Championship, Michelle Wie was once again allowed to play with real golfers due to another sponsor's exemption (not sure how many tournaments she has now entered on this exemption, but I'm sure it has to be an unbreakable LPGA record by now). She placed 19th of 20 golfers, only 13 strokes away from 18th place and a mere 36 strokes off from the lead. It's nice to see she consistently chokes regardless of which gender she is going up against.

Her agent has dropped her, saying "After careful consideration for my future, I have resigned effective immediately."

One less rat on that sinking ship.

Photo: Michelle Wie's father skulking around the golf course. Creepy little fuck, ain't he?

My advice to Michelle is to take the 20 million dollars you conned out of your sponsors last year and declare independence from your idiotic father. This guy has ignored the advice of agents and professional golfers such as Tiger Woods and pushed you too hard and too fast. She can't go anywhere without his domineering presence. He doesn't know golf. He doesn't know shit.

Dragon Wars Conquers Hollywood
  In only its 5th week in hundreds of theaters across America, Dragon Wars continued to wow hundreds of Korean-Americans (and a dozen or so Caucasian boyfriends of Korean-Americans) in theaters across America, raking in over $71,000 at the box office last week. This brings the total earnings in American theaters up to nearly 11 million dollars, which almost puts it in the same league as other sci-fi greats such as Battlefield Earth and Howard the Duck. Hollywood has now officially become director Shim Hyung-rae's playground. 

Racing Model Billiard Championship 2
The first Racing Model Billiard Championship 1 ended a month or so ago. I can't remember all the details, but the girl with the outstanding rack completely dominated the girl with the great legs to take the championship.

So one might think that we'll just have to wait until next year before we can see prime cleavage shots of models bending over pool tables in the next Championship, right?

Wrong, my friend.  The  second Racing Model Billiards  Championship has already begun, with the first rounds played  on the 16th of October. The girls seem to be all new and the outfits are a bit skimpier this time around. For those wondering if the quality of play has improved at all since the first championship, please reread the previous sentence and stop asking stupid questions.

The only down side is that they show the games late at night around the same time that the J Channel from Japan shows the 'Golden Bikini' competition (Japanese girls in bikinis compete in games such as 'breast wrestling' to see which girl will win the golden bikini prize). On top of that, the channel from China quite often shows porn movies after hours as well. 

Now you all see why I haven't been blogging so much lately.

More updates to come...eventually