Sunday, February 20, 2005

Korean Pop Music and Other Crimes Against Humanity

In the late 80's New Kids on the Block was the most popular band in Korea and remained so long after the band had mercifully died in the West. The West mostly got over the "cute boy band" phase, but in Korea they have taken it to new lows.

Introducing the newest pop sensation to sweep Korea: 7 Princess.

7princess Ages range from 5-9. Could anything be cuter? The band is currently popular among teens, elementary school kids and middle-aged men who find 5 year-old girls with heavy make-up and skimpy clothing intensely appealing.

Cuteness is like sugar: in moderate amounts it is nice, but in excess it becomes nauseating. Click here to see their first music video and you'll see what I mean.

Note: After clicking on the link, scroll up to see the video.

I believe the song is called "Love song." It follows a fairly standard practice among Korean pop "songwriters" these days: take an existing melody from western music and add Korean words to it.


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