Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Photo Fun, Spring 2007

Kept these photos for a while waiting for a good chance to use them. But methinks now's the time just to clear out out my picture file. I hope you find them as sparkling as I have.


The Party Pooper heartily endorses any English language product touted by either of these language education whor professionals.
Learn English AND laugh at silly foreigners at the same time; what could be better?

Isaac Durst, bold pioneer in the field of edutainment, has a new book out which is sure to be super good. I hear it has lots of pictures of him in gorilla suits and whatnot, so you know a whole lotta good learnin's goin' on here. So funny!

Robert has an even more super program that promises students will speak English as well as Robert speaks Korean in only 90 days (Yes, he's fluent). The secret is to have students memorize 1000+ English sentences. Who'd uv thunk it?!  Simply amazing! He's been running this scam program for several years now; I'm sure you all have run into the thousands of his satisfied customers who now speaking English so good.


I was surprised that this photo didn't get more coverage in the press. It may appear that George is taking advantage of Jong-il, but I think it's clear that Jong-il is loving every minute of it. You have to understand that it's Korean culture not to appear to be giving it away too easily.

Update: I have just received word that this image might not be authentic. I'll look into it.


This is a picture I took recently that I brought to my photography class for peer review. Generally the feedback was good: lighting was appropriate, the main object was slightly off center, and the general ambiance and mood of the event was well captured. My instructor still thinks I have a long way to go, but he says my work shows substantial progress in comparison to my bukkake photos from last week.


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