Monday, April 17, 2006

Photo Fun: 2006 Spring Collection

Photos courtesy of Korea Times and Chosunilbo. The best damn newspapers in the whole muddah-fuggin woild. As always, click the pictures to enlarge (especially the ones with hot chicks)

Ensor200604162101271Lee Seon-hwa, left, and Ahn Shi-hyun of South Korea, embrace Saturday
on the 18th hole after the final round of Takefuji Classic LPGA golf
tournament at Las Vegas County Club in Las Vegas.

Suddenly, women's sports in Korea just got a whole lot more interesting.


200604170005_00"A protestor holds a banner denouncing Japan’s plan to send a research
vessel into Korea’s exclusive economic zone near Dokdo in the East Sea,
in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on Monday. The banner reads,
‘Dokdo is Korean Territory.’/Yonhap"


I guess the bee guy was busy that day.

Japan, look at these representatives of the Korean nation. Are you REALLY sure you want that bird shit covered rock so bad? My money is on Korea on this one. They just want it more.

CarensPretty girls. Almost makes you overlook the fact that this is one of the worst names ever for a car ("New Carens").

Joel, looking for a new car?

Ensor200604161904451Street campaign: Shinhan Bank employees hold a street campaign
to get closer to customers in central Seoul, Saturday.

Yeah, I feel closer to you guys already. Guess there wasn't much bankin' stuff to be doing today? Seriously, who the hell thinks up shit like this? My bank in Korea is Choheung, which is merging with these clowns. I think this is a sign that it's time to change banks...

"A Korean soldier sings with a Kurdish orphan during a ceremony in the
northern Iraqi city of Irbil on Thursday."

Oh, to think of all stories of the horrors of war these brave Korean soldiers will have to tell. They went to Iraq as boys, but they will return to Korea as the manliest of men. The Korean vets who survived the Korean war or served in Nam have nothing on them.

200603290006_00Speaking of the new breed of manly men in Korea, here are some students putting on makeup during a class at
Hangyang (Hanyang?) University. "More and more colleges are
organizing such classes exposing students to unusual experiences." 

Hate to think of what one has to do in that kind of class for extra credit. It's nice to see that college kids these days are finally learning something that will help them out later in life. I'm afraid to find out what classes were axed to make room for these kinds of important courses...

Park Hyo-jung shows his
picture taken after his first nose plastic operation in 2002. Park had 24
procedures on his body
over more than three years to improve his appearance, including
resurgeries after injury, adding dimples on his cheeks, and
removing blemishes and chest hair, transforming his former droopy face
into his current studly visage.

'Studly visage?' If I didn't know better, I'd say this Korean reporter is being a bit sarcastic. Anyway, I'm sure just another 24 operations will turn this guy into Lee Junki, the role model for all gender confused men in this country. I don't know, maybe he just needs to get laid once and this obsession will go away.

Models show off football-themed clothes at Lotte Department Store in Seoul on Wednesday

Because gay guys like soccer too...

200604140010_00Speaking of soccer, here's a Korean commercial for ice cream, parodying the 2002 World Cup official Byron Moreno giving star Italian player Totti a red card, a key turning point in the game.

There is no mention of whether or not the actor also parodies Moreno receiving a thick envelope full of 'thank you letters' for his services rendered to the Korean team.

Farm stay: Foreigners staying in South Korea make straw rope
Sunday in a village in Pochon, Kyonggi Province, where they
participated in a ‘farm stay’ program.

I hear that this is exactly as much fun as it looks in the picture. Really, give up your next weekend and try it out.

Aspiring Journalists: Hundreds of students listen attentively to
presentations in a job fair jointly hosted by major broadcasting and
newspaper companies at Yonsei University.

This particular lecture was titled, "How not to let standards of journalism interfere with being a patriotic Korean."

200604070005_00A member of the Korean Confederation of Trade
Unions lies in a ditch after being pushed off the road by riot police
during an attempt to block delivery trucks headed for the site of a new
base for the U.S. Forces.

For the record, I condemn this fascist state that oppresses the working man. In no way whatsoever do I derive any pleasure from this. Yes, I might have giggled when I first saw it, but in my culture we smile and giggle when we see upsetting images (it's how we cope). And not once did I ever say that I hoped that for at least 30 minutes every time this guy tried to crawl back out of the muddy ditch the riot police pushed him back down. That would be mean and insensitive. And that's not what this blog is about.

By the way, why is a member of a North Korean stooge trade union protesting the moving of the US army base?


Finally, some art I hope to proudly show on this blog often. The picture on the right courtesy of the big Ho, and the statue on the left most likely sculpted by one of Kevin's ancestors on his mother's side.

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