Saturday, March 24, 2007

Random Splats: April

Gettin' Wiki wid it

Not sure if some other K-blogger has already mentioned this, but fan death has reached wikipedia. The wiki boys seem to think it's all bunk, but I'll wait until conservapedia comes out and tells us God's Honest Truth about it before I even think of buying a fan.

Chi power!
A youtube video of a 'kiai master' whose power of chi/ki/The Force or whatever is so strong he can knock people over without touching them. The first half is hilarious, the second half...I don't know. Kind of felt sorry for the old guy. I really wonder how he let himself get into that position. Maybe after you run a scam for so long you start to actually believe in it yourself? (found the link through the James Randi site)

Random link generator: #1

This link was found by a new search tool I discovered recently, the random link generator. Decided I'd just try it out and see what happens. Hope it leads to something interesting.

Life, it turns out, may not actually be fair after all
The famous anti 'ex-patriot' piece from the Korea Times has already made the rounds in the k-blogosphere. The gist of the piece is that life is tough for a kyopo in Korea, so white  'ex-patriots' (probably referring to America-hating Democrats) should shut up.

As a female Bangladeshi factory worker in Korea (there, I've finally revealed my true identity, Allah be praised), I'd like to tell him to shut the fuck up. I'm tired of all these spoiled little kyopos who have it so easy here in Korea (relative to people like me) whining about how 'unfair' life is.

Random Link Generator #2
Again,  this link was randomly generated. It does not necessarily reflect my exact opinion on whatever topic it happens to discuss.

KGW Update
I guess we can keep this guy on our files after all.

Funny how the recent generation of Korean singers keep their romances out of the public eye so well. You hear about Eric from Shinhwa scoring with the babes every now and then, but that's about it...

86% (hat tip to koreaspondent)


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