Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dragon Wars

Dragon War is about to come out on OCN. I really can't wait to love hating this movie without feeling like a tool for paying money to see it. I saw Yongary, the previous effort from the same director, and walked out of the theater after 30 minutes. I'm more optimistic about Dragon War, though, and I'm sure I'll make it at least 45 minutes, go watch some soft porn on the J Channel, and then maybe come back to catch the final battle.

To get me in the spirit, I found these youtube reviews. It took a while for me to catch the point of the kid in the video above, but after he repeated every sentence he said a 7th time, I finally got it.

Here's one that is a little less critical (1 out of 5) from a guy who will never have a girlfriend.

These kids loved it. It reminded me that I shouldn't be so harsh on 10-year-old kyopos and their tastes in entertainment. All 10-year-olds are obviously pretty damned retarded.

A homeless-looking guy giving a rave review to what sounds like a Korean interviewer. "Is it funny? Really? Just tell me truth!" I'm thinking this interviewer probably went through quite a few people before he found someone drunk enough to think the movie was good.

Brian over at Markandeya is the only K-blogger I know of who actually seemed to like movie. He also liked the Star Wars Episode movies, as I recall. Brian, your politics and tastes in music very much match my own, but when it comes to movies, you just gotta raise that bar a little.

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