Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ain't no sunshine when Roh's gone

What anyone with half a brain already knew from the beginning, a good deal of food aid from South Korea went to feed the North Korean army. This on the heels of other revelations that the oil shipments and money for construction projects probably went to the military as well. Of course, this information was known to the South Korean government for some time.

Something tells me the paper shredders in the Blue House are seeing a lot of use these days.

I had a discussion a few months back with a Korean who was trying to argue that the Sunshine Policy needed to continue even after Noh was gone. It started off with the usual humanitarian appeal, but when pressed with the fact that the food aid doesn't go where it is supposed to go and that in the end the Sunshine Policy just ensured the survival of an evil regime, her only counter was to say, "Well, what responsibility does the American government have for this situation?"

To which I countered: "What responsibility does the Korean education system have for producing an entire generation of idiots?"

Or maybe I said something different; I can't really remember. Anyway, the discussion never really progressed in any meaningful way after that point.

Reprint of old post:
Speaking anti-Americanism in Korea, the following is a post from the old blog that somewhat fits this theme. Since there doesn't seem to be a way to import my old files from my typepad blog, mayhaps I'll be doing this kind of thing often. Within this post, I actually refer back to yet another old post on the original Partypooper blog I had on Blogcity (is that even still around?). Kind of ironic, don't you think? (In the Alanis Morissette definition of irony, that is)

USA: Korea's Most Important Ally (August 19, 2004)

Korean politicians from the left-leaning Uri party, voted America as Korea's most important country with which to maintain amicable ties (North Korea came in a distant second...)

This is a picture from a rally held last Sunday.

Damn, I'd hate to think what would happen if we slipped down to #2 ally.

Anyway, I'm sure South Korean President Noh will soon offer a heartfelt apology to the States for this defiling of our national symbol, just as he did when some activists burned a North Korean flag a year back. I mean, we are their most important ally and all.

In case you didn't know, last Sunday was a holiday to celebrate their independence from Japan.

Celebrating your independence from Japan by shredding the flag of the country directly responsible for your country gaining said independence: that makes sense...I think...

I can't wait for Iraq to become a free, productive, democratic nation after thousands of American lives have been sacrificed and billions of dollars of US aid has been poured into the country so they can be as grateful as the Koreans are today.


I just happened to ride the subway last weekend in the same car with about 40 or so student protestors on their way to a rally (probably the one in the picture). About 12 of them were female and on a scale of 1-10...well, let's just say I don't think they were giving up any hot dating prospects that weekend by going out to the demonstration.

That reminded me of an old post I had about the causes of anti-Americanism. Allow me to repost:

Anti-Americanism in Korea:

It's hard to speak in generalities about such a complex issue, but that's never stopped me before! Here are the main causes:

20% of the time the "anti's" have valid points [Note: percentage can raise as high as 45% during Republican presidencies].

25% of the time they just need a scapegoat to take their attention off their own fucked-up country and lives [sexual frustration may be a key component here for some Korean students; Korean student protestors usually ain't so easy on the eyes and that frustration has got to go somewhere...]

25% of the time they actually don't know exactly what they are protesting, but are just going to the most recent demonstration because their boyfriend or club circle is going and they are deathly afraid of being left out of the group.

30% of the time it is just a case of impotent rage and blind jealousy OF THE MOST ASS-KICKINEST JUGGERNAUT OF AN EMPIRE THAT HAS EVER ROCKED THIS WORLD!!! YEEHAW!!!!!

[blog author pauses to get his guns and shoot several rounds in the air]

Ok then...

Note: Picture of flag shredding swiped from Corsair the Rational Pirate site. He may be a pirate, but at least he's one of the rational ones. The name of his blog gave me an idea for a killer punk band name: Irrational Butt Pirates. I'd definitely check out a band named Irrational Butt Pirates.

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