Friday, August 15, 2008


Found this old post saved as a draft. After prayerful consideration, I decided to post it even though some of the blogs it mentions are now gone or transmogrified into something else.

Seouliva turned me on to the sloganizer. Type in your blog name and it comes up with a slogan. Here's the best I came up with for me bloog.

Pure Pooper, Pure Power

Better than 'Dynamic Wellbeing of Blog'? Maybe not, but not bad.

Typed in some other blogs around the 'hood. Some of the better results:

Big Hominid
'Don't play with fire, play with Big Hominid'
Go farther with Big Hominid

'I wish I was a Big Hominid'
   [who doesn't?]

About Joel
Joel can do
You better get inside Joel

    [Hey, I'm just reporting on what it said]
I quit smoking with Joel
     [Nomad, take notice]

Lost Nomad

Lost Nomad: To hell with the rest
          ['nuff said]

Marmot's Hole
Marmot's Hole: You see this name, you think dirty
         [Again, I'm just reporting results here]
Feel good with Marmot's Hole
         [Not going to touch this one...]
I want Marmot's Hole and I want it now!
       [starting to realize why Robert wanted to change the name of his megablog a while back...]

My way is Carthartidae
       [good ring to that one]

Call a friend, I got 2 shoes
The igot2shoes effect

Mayhaps in the near (if not extremely distant) future I'll find and post the missing link to the sloganizer and try a few more blog names that are dear to my heart. Being an even more half-assed post than my usual offerings of late, I might even throw in some random pictures of scantily-clad females, just to soothe the raging masses.


Jelly said...

Hmmm, cool. I think I'll go with "I got 2 shoes, what'chu got? Fool!"
Or, "I pity da fool who ain't got 2 shoes."
I don't know why I'm feeling so Mister T.

Jelly said...

I tried The Sloganizer and got "The Party Pooper: Better than Chocolate."
Pooper,...chocolate, ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

And if you want the source code, it's here.

Yeah, I'm a geek.

Unknown said...

I'm proud to announce that I recently reached a milestone of sorts; I tried (not very hard) to quit smoking for the 100th time. Just for giggles I put in my fishing blog:

"Fishing Korea for a better future."


"Say Fishing Korea."

Go on. Say it. Now!

"The goddess made Fishing Korea."

If anyone knows her phone number, send me a PM. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

aw poo. you have to APPROVE it now? yep, you still suck.

Anonymous said...

well i must admit, i was pretty immature in my comments a few years back. can't believe you're still blogging. you suck. ahah

Anonymous said...

You rock. Make one on Kushibo