Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cleaning out the pic folder

No, I'm not even close to blogging again regularly.

Boob job or no?

Regardless, I'm happy with the outcome.

I swiped this next picture from another Kblog. I'd link to it, but then, that would require more effort than I can currently summon. It's a Korean based blogger who takes a lot of pictures. Figure it out.

It just seemed weird that there were no comments on it. I love it.

It's good to be the photographer.

Read the caption at the bottom of the following picture (click to enlarge). Perhaps Lee Byung Hun's alleged fiancee should have looked into this before giving up the milk for free.

Korean girls or Japanese girls? Debate among yourselves, fellow hapless victims of le fièvre jaune. My studied take on the issue is that Korean girls are generally prettier, but I have heard recently from a friend that Japanese girls are more likely to give unsolicited rim jobs, so there's a factor I hadn't previously considered.

OK. maybe it would be best for everyone if I stopped typing now and went back into hibernation mode.


Unknown said...

Love that 2nd pic.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Can we assume that your pic folder is now empty?

padaajoshi said...

Korean women are prettier, but how many are sporting their birthday suits, and how many have been to the local cosmetic surgery clinic for a upgrade, "Gangnam Style?"