Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She wins


Anonymous said...

The Party Pooper used to write things. We used to read, ponder, analyze, discuss and debate. This month's picture doesn't even come with a snarky comment or a before/after boob job mashup.

Someone please tell me the Pooper hasn't fallen into the Farmville.

Party Pooper said...

Actually, this isn't a 'picture of the month' post, but my one and only post for the entire summer season.

Yeah, it's getting that bad out here in farmville*.

But not far in the future is a happy happy joy joy day when this blog will return to churning out many a deep and thoughtful post for you all to read, ponder, analyze and debate. Just like Jesus said to his apostles, "Hold tight, I'll be right back."

*"Pushing the limits of the imagination, backwards."

Unknown said...'s hoping you do decide to make a few posts again in the near future.
Although if you just want to put up pics of Korean babes with big boobs, that's fine too.

Brian said...

She's my favorite racing girl.

leone said...

Where have you minced too? I'm still here in Korea and where are you my darling role model? :-)