Monday, May 3, 2004

Brumbaugh: Korea Killer


Cliff Brumbaugh plays for the Hyundae Unicorns. He's one of our own making it big in Korea, having already smacked out 8 homeruns, nearly twice what Lee Seung Yeop has done so far in Japan! So why don't Americans make a big deal out of Brumbaugh like Koreans do when one of theirs makes it big abroad?

Now, Sports papers in the US are rather amateur when it comes to splashy headlines that capture our true patriotic spirit. In order to help them out, I've suggested a few headlines here.

Lee Seung-Who? Brumbaugh on HR Record Shattering Pace!!!

Brumbaugh: Korea Killer!!

Move Over Lee Seung Yeop! Brumbaugh is the New King of Korea!!

Brumbaugh Konquers Korea!!

Now wouldn't it make you feel proud to be an American if you could see headlines like that every morning?

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