Friday, May 21, 2004

Moon Hee Jun threatens retirement!

hee_junMun Hee Jun formerly of the mega-band HOT confessed that he might retire from the music scene. If Korean literate and EXTREMELY hard up for things to do today then you can read all about it here

Hee Jun (also called "She Jun" by fans when rumors surfaced that he likes wearing make-up even off-stage) says that the 3 years since he went solo have seemed like 30 years, mostly due constant criticism and ridicule by the huge "anti Hee Jun" mob.

It seems he has become a laughing stock due to some ridiculous comments that he reportedly made. After going solo he proclaimed himself not just a rocker, but the greatest rocker in Korea (which of course, is utterly ridiculous since we all know the greatest Korean rocker is...uh...well....Hmm. Shit, maybe it IS true!). Apparently in a radio interview they asked his opinion of Led Zeppelin and he admitted that he had never heard of them. He also claimed that he can sing 7 octaves. Now, I do know that castrated choir boys can keep hitting the high notes, and there is certainly no evidence that Hee Jun still has his own pair, but this is still a little hard to swallow.

And what will he do after he retires in shame? What all Korean celebrities do when they are disgraced in Korea: go to America (I'd recommend San Francisco).

Just in case you weren't here 9 or so years ago when HOT broke out, here's an early picture.


I challenge you to find another band that looks this ridiculous ANYWHERE in the world (click on picture to get the full effect). I guess we can see where the Teletubby creators got their inspiration. I'm generally not a fan of violence, but if I found out my younger brother was in a band like this I would feel it was my duty to kick his ass.

In Hee Jun's defense I will say that his music since going solo is no more shitty than any of the other former group members. But when you come from a gay group like HOT and try to break into rock, you're just begging for grief.

Mun Hee Jun, the Vanilla Ice of Korea.

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