Sunday, January 8, 2006

Naver Daily Hate Reminder

Ohno Does it Again!

Found this on the front page of Naver portal site a few days ago. A few kyopos in America 'discovered' that US speedskater Anton Apollo Ohno was in some fast food ad and they felt it was their patriotic duty to alert the 'reporters' at Naver.

Here are the offensive photos that the kyopos sent to Naver.

20060105s1I suppose to help out the slower Korean Netizens, Naver reporter (patriot Kim Sang gi) circled the parts of the photos that are particularly offensive.

The title is typical of the usual Naver 'reporting'

오노 미국 유명 패스트푸드 광고…네티즌 분노

"Ohno's famous American fast food ad...Netizen fury"

We'll get back to just how accurate that title is a little later.

Some excerpts from the article:

아폴로 안톤 오노를 향한 때아닌 분노가 다시 일렁이고 있다. 한 목소리로 대동단결한 우리 네티즌들은 국내에도 진출한 유명 패스트푸드 업체를 겨냥한 불매운동까지 벌일 태세다.

'The wrath for Appollo Anton Ohno is raging again. In one voice our united Netizens are setting their sites on boycotting as punishment the famous fast food enterprise that has made inroads into our country.'

'In one voice our united Netizens blah blah blah" Has a bit of North Korean rhetoric ring, don't you think? They report this as if the streets are already full of angry protestors in front of every McDonald's in the country, but as you read the rest of the article you realize this isn't the case. This is not a news report of what his happening; it's a call to arms in the guise of objective reporting.

What is this fast food company? The article doesn't say (refering to it as fast food chain "A"), but I'll give you a cryptic hint: '...and on that farm they had an evil Japanese-American speed skater, EIEIOhNO.'

The article goes on to give all the awful details of this insulting ad:

사진에는 금메달을 목에 걸고 활짝 웃는 오노의 모습이 선명하다. 또 ‘나는 얼음 위에선 최강의 선수다. 쓰러져도 다시 우뚝 설 것이다. 나는 아폴로 안톤 오노다’라는 문구도 적혀 있다.

"In the picture the bright laughing appearance of Ohno with the gold medal around his neck is clear. Furthermore, 'I am the best athlete on ice.' 'Even if a fall I get right back up.' 'I am Appolo Anton Ohno.' are all written.

My God, what an evil bastard.

Said the poor Korean who had to see this horrible sight:

그는 “우리 일행이 봉투를 확인하고 깜짝 놀랐더니 매장에 있던 외국인들이 우리를 비웃었다”면서 불쾌했던 기억도 떠올렸다.

The bitter memory rose up again; "Our group checked the bag and was shocked: The foreigners in the store were mocking us."

Yeah. Every person in the store was secretly laughing his or her Big-Mac eating American ass off at you at that very moment. That's all we really think about, you see, is how we can torment the poor Koreans. That's just how important you really are to us.

Now back to the title of this article, other than this Korean quoted above, there is no Netizen wrath...yet. This is just another case of Naver doing all it can to make sure Koreans hate Americans (and Canadians and other foreigners as well) as much as they should. Daum also gets in on the fun from time to time as well. These are very popular portal sites where many (if not most) young Koreans get their 'news' (now with 40% less objectivity and journalist standards!). 

There are some 1500 replies to this article. Be sure to read and savor each and every one of them. Netizens do say the darnedest things...

I hate to pee on the hate parade, but I dug this up from an interview with Ohno years back.

AS: Are you aware of the poll taken in South Korea saying the South

Koreans hate Apolo Ohno more than Osama bin Laden?

Ohno: Yeah, I saw that, but I don't know about that. How do I take

that? Because this year, at competitions, the whole Korean team has

come up to me and told me how they loved the way I skate and how

they actually have no problems with me and how they were just sad

and disappointed that their main man didn't perform like they wanted

him to.

Lies. LIES I SAY! The Korean ice skaters would never have the maturity and class disrespect the true Corean patriotic spirit to ever say such a thing.

Keep hating Coreans, keep hating...

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