Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Canadian Bastards 2

Naver site news seems to be challenging Ohmynews for anti-foreigner news. Their crack team of investigative reporters have supposedly found yet another "shocking" error on the Canadian travel site

As you can see in the picture from the Naver site, the map of Japan shows Cheju island as a part of Japan, not Korea (colored in gray).


Truly shocking

I went to the Canadian site again and this is the map that they currently have posted.


Hmm...Cheju seems to be appropriately "Korea gray" here (click to enlarge)

So, since this "breaking story" was just released last night at about 11 PM Korean time, are we to assume that the Canadian site was informed about the error and changed it within hours? If so, what, pray tell, is the big problem here? A very minor mistake in the first place was immediately changed as soon as they found out about it. Why report on this at all?

Slow news day? Are they having a hard time filling their daily quota of anti-western/Japanese propaganda?

Update on previous post

I got an answer from the reporter who wrote the original story I posted just prior to this one. Here it is:

귀하의 e-메일 편지를 잘 읽었습니다.
내용 전달을 확실히 하기 위해 한글로 답하려합니다.
불성실한 번역이라 든가, 의도가 있는, 뭔가 진실을 오도하려는 번역이라고 지적하면서 3가지 상황 설정중에 어느 것이냐고 묻는 것도
지금 저는 어떤 대답도 하지 않을 것입니다.
왜냐하면 주한 미국 대사관과 주한 캐나다 대사관의 입장을 오늘 대한민국 외교통상부가 소개하는 보도자료를 냈기 때문입니다.
현재 이 보도자료에 대한 저와 회사의 입장을 발표할 수준이 아닙니다.
더군다나 저는 귀하를 잘 모릅니다.
기사와 관련 기자가 일일이 독자에 취재경위와 취재원과 기사를 왜 그렇게 썼는지에 대해서 설명할 필요성은 없다고 봅니다.
그러나 당신이 누구인지 정확한 신분을 밝히면
그때 설명할 용의는 있습니다. 현재는 답변이 불가능 하다는 것을 알려드립니다.

Basically it says it understands my question (translation problem was an honest mistake or an intentional one) but can't answer because they got a press release from the American and Canadian embassies on the matter and they aren't able to give their response at this time (I think that's what it says, lack of subject markers make me a little confused as to who sent the press release to whom).

Furthermore, he doesn't need to reply to me or answer about the way he gathers his news because he doesn't know who I am, but if I do identify myself then he might prepare an explanation.

Yeah, basically a bullshit non-reply, but then again I don't blame him. What reporter has time to give in-depth replies to every stranger on the Internet who writes in?

But I don't think he really has a good answer for the translation anyway. Perhaps it bothered him enough to at least send me the above.

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